Tens of thousands more Brits were dying than expected and experts aren’t quite sure why that is. From May to December last year, there were 32,441 excess deaths in England and Wales, excluding deaths from Covid. Kieren WilliamsMirrorThu, 11 May 2023 Excess deaths are defined as the number of people who […]

The sneakiest scam since the “97% Consensus” Climate Change lie. Daily Skeptic reveals how it was accomplished. MH Norman Fenton and Martin NeilThe Daily ScepticWed, 03 May 2023  We have provided numerous explanations (see here, and here) and videos (see here and here) explaining why a vaccine that is actually merely a placebo will inevitably […]

Their total silence on the excess death numbers in the UK tell you everything you need to know. There is no other intervention that could have caused numbers like these. That’s why they are silent. This linked John Campbell video was posted 3 months ago showing a stunning rise in excess […]

Elon Musk calls for life sentences for those approving sex-change procedures on minors Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has ignited a conversation after voicing his support on Friday morning for sending doctors and parents to prison for life if they approve or conduct sex-change surgeries and other life-altering […]

Silenced Documentary Reveals Media, Medical and Academic Censorship in NZ Important note: The documentary appears to have been removed from the source, but an alternative source is available here: (Thanks Richard for your vigilance on this, and I will follow up and update as necessary). 7th April, 2023.  From Aly Cook […]