[ I have no idea what this is. [youtube]vwx1f0kyNwI[/youtube] I mean … seeing the White House getting toasted on celluloid is always a refreshing image But If it’s from the director of ‘Training Day’ [youtube]xGJ7Ct6LHs8[/youtube] and the Bruce Willis Africa-action flick ‘Tears of the Sun’ [youtube]uXvjqLhmwf8[/youtube] … then at the very […]

All 13 episodes of the David Fincher produced, Kevin Spacey drama – based on the fantastically excellent BBC miniseries will be available on Netflix from the first of February. [youtube]ULwUzF1q5w4[/youtube]

[ … and the Uncensored Music Video Of The Year 2012 goes to …  ] [youtube]nWbfgGDl6XE[/youtube] [youtube]k_GqVFa5GBA[/youtube] [youtube]0yNgfcl6TE8[/youtube] [youtube]gVEsA6BSsWc[/youtube]  

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