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Chinese wealth fund interested in taking a stake in Fonterra, says Key


4:00AM Friday May 01, 2009
By Fran O’Sullivan

Prime Minister John Key has revealed China’s US$200 billion ($349 billion) sovereign-wealth fund has signalled its interest in a stake in NZ dairy giant Fonterra if it changes its capital structure.

China Investment Corp chief executive Lou Jiwei made the fund’s interest in Fonterra, and other New Zealand assets, clear in a meeting with Key at the Boao Forum for Asia two weeks ago.

For the rest of the article, go here.

Key: More Kiwi troops could go to Afghanistan

The reason the invasion of Afghanistan was initiated was because of 9/11, but the nano-thermite find shows that the attacks were an inside job – so why is New Zealand sending troops? And why is New Zealand helping what the evidence shows to be a criminal regime that murders its own citizens?

John Key John Key

Mon, 20 Apr 2009 8:43a.m.

New Zealand could send more troops to Afghanistan but would only do so as part of an overall exit strategy, Prime Minister John Key said this morning.

He said the United States had a global “shopping list” to institute a “surge type plan, on the basis that they had in Iraq, to try and get on top of the situation and then ultimately to exit out”.

For the rest of the story, go to NZHerald here.

NZ: Jobs May Go At IRD


Jobs may go at IRD

Tue, 21 Apr 2009 9:54a.m.

As unemployment grows and the public sector looks to cut spending, jobs at the Inland Revenue are tipped to be the next to go.

Prime Minister John Key said as many as 18,000 more people may be unemployed than a year ago.

Just 117 jobs have been saved so far by the Government’s nine-day fortnight scheme.

Several hundred jobs nationwide could go during restructuring of the Inland Revenue Department, The Dominion Post reported.

A department spokeswoman confirmed the restructuring but was not “in a position to say anything more as yet”.

For theĀ  rest of the story, go here.

John Key calls on SIS to shelve files on MPs

For full article go here: Nzherald

Prime Minister John Key has asked the Security Intelligence Service to put on ice any active files it has on MPs after a report found they should be treated as a special case.

Mr Key requested a report by the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security Paul Neazor after Green MP Keith Locke discovered a file the SIS had on him since he was a child had been updated since he became an MP in 1999.


“Deactivate” files of any person who becomes an MP.

New World Order News: John Key Talks About NZ Integrating with Australia & Asia

There is a news report here to watch:

Who noticed that he was emphasizing the minor benefits, while neglecting to inform the public of the ELEPHANTINE down side?

And will we get to vote on this?

NZ PM wants trans-Tasman consensus on missions trading,25197,25130378-11949,00.html

Dennis Shanahan, Political editor | March 03, 2009

NEW Zealand Prime Minister John Key has warned that divergent carbon emissions trading schemes in Australia and New Zealand could undermine trans-Tasman economic integration and co-operation.

As the recently elected Mr Key and Kevin Rudd agreed on the need to co-operate in the face of the global financial crisis and to stimulate the joint economies to create jobs, Mr Key yesterday warned that different emissions trading schemes could be “counter-productive” to economic co-operation.

He also said global economic conditions meant there might have to be substantial changes to the New Zealand scheme, which is scheduled to begin in 2013.

The New Zealand parliament is reviewing the proposed ETS promised by the former Labour government, which Mr Key said was “fairly ambitious”, and could be substantially changed.

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