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NZ Pipeline Crisis Update: The Evidence Mounts

Following Uncensored’s suspicions about the cause of the damage to the Marsden Point pipeline damage, the MSM is finally following the money!

The case is growing that it was a digger driver who was trying to pull something out of a swamp that ruptured a pipeline and caused Auckland airport’s fuel shortage.

Refining New Zealand says that is obvious from pictures they’ve released to Newshub.

Torn white insulation tape exposes the damage underneath – and a deep indent reveals the inside of the fuel pipeline on Ruakaka farmland. In another picture, an indent from a bucket tooth and a gouge where it’s scraped not once, but many times, is clearly visible.

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“You cannot help but draw the conclusion that while the person using that digger thought that he was pulling something out of the swamp,” Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) chief executive Carolyn Tremain says.

Just days ago Energy Minister Judith Collins said no swamp kauri has been dug on the site since 2011 – while locals say big trees were being pulled up a couple of years ago.

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One thing’s for certain: the digger struck a raw nerve in the safety of the country’s fuel supply.

MBIE revealed on Friday that a report into that very issue has been drafted this year – but it hasn’t been fast-tracked in light of the recent fuel crisis, or passed on to ministers.

In the meantime, a chemical tank at Wynyard Wharf is being converted to hold jet fuel arriving by ship from Marsden Point tomorrow night, and the two trucks running roadway supplies will be boosted up to eight over the weekend.

“On the basis of the pipe fix completing on time – airlines do expect to be able to meet their school holiday schedules with minimal disruption,” Board of Airline Representatives’ executive director Justin Tighe-Umbers says.

That fix is now expected by Tuesday morning at the latest.

..And the MSM is also focussing on the ethics of Swamp Kauri exports to China (By Judith Collins’s husband no less!):

The Court of Appeal has reserved its ruling on whether a government ministry was being too lax to allow the export of rough-sawn swamp kauri.

In the High Court last year, the Northland Environmental Protection Society lost its claim that the Ministry of Primary Industries allowed the Forests Act to be breached by allowing the export of swamp kauri stumps in an almost raw state.

The society challenged the High Court decision in the Court of Appeal which heard argument from both parties last week before reserving its decision.

It had argued in the High Court that the stumps were being passed off as artworks and furniture, in breach of the Protected Objects Act and the Forest Act.


SEE Uncensored News Network’s Original article on this subject:

NZ Pipeline Leak Crisis: “You reap What You Sow”


NZ Pipeline Leak Crisis: “You reap What You Sow”

by Martin Harris

New Zealand readers can’t help but have seen and heard the MSM reporting on the Marsden Refinery pipeline leak that has brought Auckland to it’s knees. “Thousands of flights cancelled” as jet fuel supply runs dry. “it could take up to 2 weeks to fix”, which means this will likely impact on the pumps shortly.

The mainstream news is, quite rightly, highlighting the weakness exposed in the single pipeline that supplies Auckland.

“A fuel pipeline that supplies Auckland has been damaged and it has already disrupted travel for thousands of people. Here’s what we know so far.


A 168 kilometre-long pipeline supplying jet fuel, petrol and diesel from the Marsden Point refinery in Northland to tanks in Wiri, Auckland, has been out of action since Thursday. It’s believed to have been hit by a digger being used to extract swamp kauri near Ruakaka.

Marsden Point refinery, Ruakaka, Whangarei. The pipeline that supplies fuel to Auckland from the refinery has been cut ...


Marsden Point refinery, Ruakaka, Whangarei. The pipeline that supplies fuel to Auckland from the refinery has been cut after being damaged by a digger.”

Two things they SHOULD be reporting on but aren’t:

Firstly, the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT caused by spillage from the damaged pipeline,

and secondly, THE CAUSE of the damage. Initially, the reports said that an excavator extracting Swamp Kauri was responsible, but this aspect of the story quickly died before the spotlight could focus on this issue. (NOTE MENTION OF THIS IN THE ARTICLE ABOVE) this aspect has been subsequently downplayed.

These are both important environmental aspects of the story that are being swept under the carpet, and I think a clue as to “why?” lies with the Swamp Kauri issue. For those readers who may not know, Kauri is an endangered native tree. Thousands of them, however, lie buried and preserved in North Island swamps, apparently the victim of some ancient natural catastrophe. This is a finite resource and is supposedly managed and protected by law, to be used with care by local artisans to create uniquely New Zealand high-value products. Yet it is in fact being pillaged by overseas interests. The locals are being paid good money to do the hard work, so they keep their mouths shut and take the dollars with apparently little thought for the long term effects of corporate greed.

“Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett accepts that a mistake by a digger driver which caused widespread disruption to the nation’s aviation industry is “embarrassing”.

Energy Minister Judith Collins estimates the incident could cause “millions and millions of dollars” to the Auckland economy.

On Thursday, it was revealed that a digger once struck a key fuel pipe near Marsden Point, which by Sunday had caused a major leak that starved Auckland Airport of its main jet fuel supply.”

Well Collins should indeed be embarrassed, as SHE IS AT THE CENTRE OF THE SWAMP KAURI CONTROVERSY:

“In Parliament, Labour’s MP for Te Tai Tokerau, Kelvin Davis, asked the Government if ministers were “aware of reports that local wood manufacturers have been refused the opportunity to buy swamp kauri from Kauri Ruakaka mill, which was formerly called Oravida, and is allegedly involved in exporting raw swamp kauri?”

One of the directors of Oravida is National MP Judith Collins’ husband, David Wong-Tung.

Under further questioning in the House, Minister Nick Smith replied, “I thought the member (Kelvin Davis) was above getting involved in this kind of murk”.

Winston Peters then asked Dr Smith,: “Is he denying what is well known in Northland because people who are high up in Oravida are major donors to the National Party?”

Dr Smith replied that the law had been changed under Labour in 2004″

“Northland conservationists say the logs are being illegally exported under the guise of carvings and the Government is doing nothing about it.The Far North Protection Society said that, despite their complaints, its members were still seeing massive logs dug from ancient wetlands, heading south on trucks to be sold overseas.”


I guess my point here, is that the NZ Government is now seeing the repercussions of it’s own greed and putting personal business interests ahead of the long term welfare of the country and it’s natural resources:

You reap what you sow!


NZ Elections: Maori Voters Undermined By “Ignorant” Polling Staff

Image result for nz elections 2017

One week into early voting, concerns are being raised about Electoral Commission staff allegedly undermining Māori voters.

Massey University Māori politics lecturer Veronica Tawhai claims she has received numerous complaints from Māori electors regarding the conduct of Electoral Commission staff.

“Māori and particularly young Māori are constantly criticised for either being uninformed, uninterested or apathetic when it comes to participating in political activities such as voting,” Ms Tawhai said.

“And yet when our people attempt to be proactive in exercising our democratic rights, some are prevented from doing so due to ignorance amongst officials that are meant to be assisting in the process.”

Ms Tawhai said she has heard complaints about staff, including those manning polling booths and phone lines, unaware of the Māori roll and insisting electors are unregistered when their names don’t appear on the general roll.

Some complainants, she said, have had difficulty obtaining the correct information about Māori electorates, including being given the wrong voting form and having to argue with staff to be provided with the correct form.

She also claims some election workers had difficulty locating Māori names on the Māori roll, even when given identification by Māori electors.

“Many New Zealanders unfortunately have little to no knowledge of the Māori seats, [but] that Electoral Commission staff are themselves ignorant… is unthinkable.

“In the absolute minimum, anyone with responsibilities within the Electoral Commission should have an understanding of our electoral system in order to ensure they are able to fulfil their roles in assisting all New Zealanders, including Māori, to exercise our vote as is our basic democratic right whether we be on the general or Māori roll.”

Ms Tawhai is calling for a Māori electorate specialist to be appointed to each polling booth throughout the country, steps taken to ensure all Electoral Commission staff are properly informed and prepared to undertake their job, and improved electoral and citizenship education.

Labour Party campaign manager Andrew Kirton tweeted that he has heard “multiple reports of Electoral Commission staff in advance voting booths not allowing people to enrol”, and said he has raised this with the commission.

Electoral Commission chief electoral officer Alicia Wright said the matter is being taken seriously.

“It is important to us that all voters are able to have their say in this election. We want everyone to have a good experience when they go to vote, and if that doesn’t happen, we want to hear about it.”

Ms Wright said the Electoral Commission has issued a reminder of processes to staff in the wake of Ms Tawhai’s statement.

“During the election period, we have about 15,000 people working in our voting places.  They all receive training, including on the general roll and the Māori Roll, and every voting place issues both Māori and general electorate ballot papers. Our staff are trained about the importance of checking to ensure they issue the correct voting paper to each voter.

“If voters are concerned about their experience at a voting place, they should send an email including as much detail as possible to .  Telling the commission when and where they voted will help us investigate and resolve any issues that have been raised.”

Ms Wright said the commission has been in touch with Veronica Tawhai to discuss the issues, and they are looking into a small number of complaints received from other voters.

2017 marks the 150-year anniversary of the Māori electorate seats, when four seats were initially introduced to New Zealand’s electoral system with the Māori Representation Act 1867.

Amanda Jane Robinson

John Key sells home to offshore buyer

Key China

Newshub staff – Newshub – Saturday, 9 September 2017
Former Prime Minister John Key has reportedly sold most of his sprawling Parnell property to a buyer in China.
NZME reports Mr Key and wife Bronagh pocketed around $20 million, keeping only around 650 square metres of the original 2340 square-metre site.
It’s believed the couple are planning to build a smaller house where the tennis court currently sits.
The Keys didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Yeah. Says it all really.

Exposed: Proof NZ Prime Ministers Are Globalists. NZ Elections: Does Your Vote Really Count?


The Ardern Effect: A Disturbance In The Force!

Not so long ago in a galaxy not very far away….

A planet divided: Two factions battle for control: The Republic Alliance and the Democratic Independant Union. But behind the scenes, a dark power is manipulating both sides to instigate an all-powerful New World Order….

Readers familiar with my blogs will know of my fondness for comparing science fiction plots to real-world politics and conspiracies, so I was amused to see that New Zealand Labour Party’s new leader, the charismatic and much-hyped Jacinda Ardern, has now been compared to Star Wars character Princess Leia, in association with the phrase “A New Hope”:

Ardern Leia star wars

Not so long ago in a city, far, far away, Sam Sharpe held a sign different from all others.
That sign – a stencil picture of Jacinda Ardern as Princess Leia – was spotted among the hundreds of supporters who gathered to hear the Labour leader speak in Dunedin on Friday.
Ardern called out Sharpe’s name, thanked him for his artwork, and later posed for a photo with the artist.

Ardern, who was shown the Princess Leia ‘A New Hope picture’ before her Dunedin visit, said the work was “pretty flattering”.

It wasn’t the first time she had come across Sharpe’s work, with Ardern owning a stencil piece of Michael Joseph Savage.

“When she does her interviews it is always there behind her,” Sharpe said.
Sales of the Ardern prints had “gone bananas” and he was fielding sales request from all over the country.
The Princess Leia piece was easily his most popular artwork.

So something becomes clear from the details. Jacinda Arden was already familiar with the work of this artist, and the placard in question has made a somewhat contrived and pre planned appearance. I’ve even noticed that Arden appears to be wearing a white robe in her new bill boards!


But the Star Wars comparisons, as I hinted in the intro to this article, run deeper.

The Star Wars galaxy is initially controlled by two forces: the Republic and the Trade Federation. But a crafty senator is manipulating these powers to his own ends, instigating The Empire, which is opposed by  group of rebels known as the Alliance, who wish to re-instate the Old Republic.

Republic…Alliance? And does not the Trade Federation evoke comparisons to the DIU and their TPPA ?

Here’s George Lucas’s own explanation of the meaning of Star Wars:

“People who don’t play by the rules…”


Blue Vs. Red: NZ Opposition Accused Of Trying To “Bring Down” Australian Government!

Biometric Data Harvesting: NZ soldiers in controversial intelligence-gathering programme in Afghanistan

Here we go guys. Data harvesting taking place in every corner of the globe as the NWO/2030 Agenda marches forward. How does that song line go? “Total control over you…”



Biometrics Afghanistan



New Zealand soldiers in Afghanistan took part in a controversial biometric data programme,  The Valley has revealed. New Zealand soldiers helped collect biometric data for a controversial programme the public was never told about.

The revelation comes in the Stuff Circuit documentary series The Valley, which exposes that New Zealand soldiers were involved in the intelligence-gathering programme that the public never knew about. It involved going into villages with a handheld device, taking eye scans and recording fingerprints.

A former top intelligence official in Kabul said the device the New Zealanders were using was one called “Seek”, and that the data was uploaded to ISAF, the International Security Assistance Force, which New Zealand forces in Afghanistan operated under, but then shared with the CIA.

Former Chief of Defence Retired Lieutenant General Rhys Jones admitted New Zealand soldiers were involved in the programme throughout their deployment to Afghanistan, but said, “It wasn’t a secret. It was probably just [one] of the things we did we weren’t told back here in New Zealand”.

Though Jones maintains the programme wasn’t a secret, there has been no reporting of it in New Zealand, and a search of Parliamentary records revealed just two obscure references to the use of biometric equipment by the New Zealand Defence Force, and neither were in relation to operations in Afghanistan.

Even a former Minister of Defence, Wayne Mapp, said he did not know about the programme.

Jones justified the biometric data collection as being integral for identifying known or suspected insurgents.Biometric data Afghanistan

“This was a zone that was insecure, we needed to track people. It was almost… ‘martial law’, but the rules of the country at the time were that this is necessary for the Afghan police to know who’s in the area”.

Jones said New Zealand soldiers were focused on males aged 15-70 – the group known as ‘fighting age males’ – and admitted that they also scanned dead people, “to find out who they were, to be able to match that database, so who is this person that’s been killed in a firefight and was carrying a weapon, or was around an IED site? Do we have information on them already?”

In Afghanistan, Stuff Circuit spoke to a former New Zealand patrol commander who also defended the use of biometric data collection, although conceded it was a tough question.

“It’s a useful tool in terms of sorting out who may have involved in incidents and who’s not involved”.

However a former Afghan parliamentarian, Moeen Marastial, questioned New Zealand’s role in the controversial programme, saying “Why are they taking bio data from me if I am innocent?”

He said Afghans knew the New Zealand soldiers’ role in Afghanistan was as part of a Provincial Reconstruction Team. “They are in Afghanistan for reconstruction, for rebuilding, working for the roads, working for the schools, working for the hospitals. That’s why it will be questionable to the people of Afghanistan. Taking biometric data is not reconstruction in Afghanistan.”

Mapp, who was Minister of Defence from 2008-2011, told Stuff Circuit he did not know our soldiers were involved in the programme, but he too defended it, saying, “I’m not entirely surprised either because I suspect they were doing that of people that they might have felt there was a degree of risk and they need to be able to track them and put them in the database.”

He said questioning New Zealand’s involvement in the programme was “frankly naive, because obviously ISAF have to know about the insurgency.”

– Stuff Circuit

Blue Vs. Red: NZ Opposition Accused Of Trying To “Bring Down” Australian Government!

In a truly bizarre bit of news, a minor political spat has erupted into claims of major political sabotage down-under!

It all boils down to Blue Team Vs. Red Team:


Firstly; Should the Aussie Government really be making these claims a few weeks out from a New Zealand election? Surely this could be construed as interference in the electoral process?

Secondly; Turnbull’s government and NZ’s National Government (Led by Bill English) are both on the “Blue Team” (International Democratic Union) whereas Labour (led by Jacinta Ardern) are NZ’s “Red Team” (Progressive Alliance). So of course the Aussie “Blues” don’t want the NZ “Reds” in power.

These two opposing teams are like Mcd’s and BK: A franchise in every country, with minor local differences (France uses the Metric System, so they call the “Quarter Pounder” the “Royal With Cheese”, as Pulp Fiction fans will know!) but they’re all guaranteed to serve the same generic shit nevertheless. Ya want fries with that?

Anyone who thinks these local governments are in any way independent and unbiased, take a look at the global map from IDU’s own website, complete with  ex NZ PM John Key’s infamous “Smiling Assassin” face in the header:

Red team Blue Team

This has all been triggered, of course, by NZ Labour’s spectacular last-minute surge in popularity thanks to the unleashing of “Jacindamania”, making Labour a serious threat to National for the first time in a long time.

Jacinda Ardern

It’s going to be very interesting few weeks in NZ politics and Australian Governmental reactions!

Martin H