The powder-keg situation in Hong Kong sends ripples around the world. Here in NZ, the right to protest highlights Chinese interference in New Zealand politics. Good on David Seymour for taking action to address the situation. More than 100 gather for Hong Kong protest at the University of Auckland Hong […]

We’ve been reporting the agenda for years, and now it’s formalized. Post-quake Christchurch belongs to the UN New World Order. How so? Martin Harris 2/8/19 Immediately after the 2011 quake that devastated the CBD and large portions of the Eastern suburbs, the government stepped in and purchased the “Red Zone” […]

If you haven’t seen it, now is the time! The most important and compelling documentary on early New Zealand history and the coverup agenda is now available to view at YT thanks to presenter Gabi Plum and Plummtree Productions. Long-time Uncensored readers may recognize the late Noel Hilliam, who has […]

A group of resourceful young men attempt do something positive, only to see the results of their initiative destroyed by authorities. by Martin Harris 12/7/19 In the aftermath of the earthquake destruction and subsequent interminable rebuild woes and uncertainties surrounding Christchurch, mental health issues with local youngsters has been a […]


It’s becoming painfully clear that NZ’s “dual loyalty” can’t last forever. While we continue to partner in Military exercises with our Western allies, our major trading partner from the East lets us know they are watching closely, sending a spy ship to eavesdrop, as Newshub reports: More than 600 members […]

Fancy munching on some 1080 pellets? Read this shocking story from Pam at Envirowatchrangitikei: July 7 2019 by Pam Vernon Recently, environmentalist David McDonald contacted HS Safety Compliance in concern over a recent article from Stuff where “Epro operations director Ian Roberts said if they [forestry workers] had touched or […]

NINE IWI REPS APPROVE LUGGATE AERIAL 1080 DROP – BUT NONE APPEAR TO LIVE IN LUGGATE, AND WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE EITHER !!! From Pam Vernon June 23, 2019 OSPRI’S planning process is supposed to include stakeholder meetings (isn’t that the affected community?) and consultation […]

Powerful and condemning. Newsroom’s Melanie Reid was on the scene to witness the underhanded behavior, the lies, the deception and the heartbreaking mistreatment of mother and baby. Horrifying to think this takes place in modern day NZ. Thankfully, this documentary and it’s follow ups (which have been shared on Social […]

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