Yet another video from John Campbell “fairly terrifying” with new language/Newspeak “Digital Health” followed by an urgent article from Guy Hatchard. Time to act! Speak Up Now, It is Almost Too Late By Guy Hatchard This brings to mind the conditions imposed on daily life during pandemic lockdowns which were […]

WHO saw this coming? Most of us awakened people surely did. Be sure to sign the petition, as every little thing you can do to resist helps (really, it does!) MH From Pam Vernon at Envirowatch NZ So there’s more than one way to keep folk in their 15 minute […]

Perceptive and interesting opinion and analysis on the pandemic agenda from Igan. He seems to have a good case and my own thinking currently runs along similar lines to what he’s saying. There’s definitely an acceleration of the Globalist NWO operating beneath the crisis narrative. MH Coronavirus Cases in the […]