Behind the overwhelming news barrage relating to the Queen’s passing, something big is brewing. The Vatican is battening down the hatches. here’s the official line from The Catholic Herald: “Pope Francis has moved decisively to clean up corruption in Vatican finances and to avoid a repeat of the high-profile botched […]

(Natural News) Western Europe is facing ‚Äútotal collapse‚ÄĚ from catastrophic scarcity and price hikes surrounding food, fertilizer, energy and industry, warns David Dubyne, featured in today‚Äôs Situation Update podcast (below). Mike Adams ‚Äď Natural News Sept 8, 2022 Silver guru David Morgan, also featured in today‚Äôs podcast, adds that European […]

Today, the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) along with NATO forces are training for upheavals this fall – in Germany and likely in other major European cities. Peter KoenigGlobal ResearchSat, 03 Sep 2022¬† The German Government is preparing for a Military Regime for all eventualities. German leaders fear uprisings and they […]

MUST LISTEN¬† ‚ÄĒ ‚ÄúCommon versus Sovereign People‚Ä̬† ‚Äď 98% of the population will be dispossessed- Sovereign people, i.e. the super-rich will get everything. ‚Äď July 21, 2022 Please send links and comments to Seems implausible now, but a whistle blower in touch with a group of white hat […]

This was a big week for the globalists. They feel it‚Äôs their time, go time, to launch the most difficult phase of the Great Reset so they can get on with what they call the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Leo Hohmann ‚Äď May 26, 2022 The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as […]