Short memories. Government relies on it. Who remembers the big selling point of the Trump 2016 election campaign? Something about a wall…border control… Even CNN remembers! I remember the mid-terms when the Republicans were hobbled in their wall-building endeavors, and I remember when Biden tottered into the Oval Office and […]

When Tucker Carlson asked if Congress would be stupid enough to pass a law granting citizenship to illegal aliens who enlist in the military, Douglas Macgregor answered, “YES.” By Vigilant Fox (link below) “The donors own the political figure.” “The problem is Washington is donor-occupied. Donor occupied. The donors own the political […]

A network of NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, seems to be playing a powerful role in coordinating the large-scale invasion of illegals at the US southern border. Tyler DurdenZeroHedgeMon, 25 Dec 2023 The new website Muckraker revealed a treasure trove of “mass migration blueprints,” handed out by NGOs across South and Central America […]

Pelosi shows where her loyalties lie. Not with the USA, but with the “global society”. Here’s Pam Vernon’s comment leading into the video. MH. July 17, 2019 Pam Vernon Of course we must reject sovereignty, all nations’ sovereignty in fact. That’s what Arnold Toynbee boasted about way back …. “We are […]