In recent weeks I’ve been seeing an interesting narrative fallacy being sold to the general public when it comes to the designs of globalists. The mainstream media and others are now openly suggesting that it’s actually okay to be opposed to certain aspects of groups like the World Economic Forum. They give you […]

Right in the comfort of your own home… Max Igan – The Crowhouse Dec 8, 2022 BitChute : Banned YouTube Archive on AltCensored: Monthy Subscriptions to TheCrowhouse can now be received via Stripe or direct contributions can be made via Wise bank.If you would like to assist please visit this […]

Aman Jabbi is a native of India and an engineer who worked in Silicon Valley for 25 years, co-inventor of two cellphone camera apps. He emigrated to the United States in 1988 because he admired America’s culture of liberty and ingenuity. Leo Hohmann – Nov 23, 2022 Jabbi now […]

Users woke up to find Covid tracing tech on their device without their consent. By Didi Rankovic via Reclaim The Net A class action lawsuit has been filed against the US state of Massachusetts for what the plaintiffs claim is a case of covert mass surveillance carried out via “Covid spyware” […]

This could spell the end of freedom. Watch carefully. If you know anything about Digital currency (Smart Money) and The Blockchain, it will all make sense. 31,922 views Oct 6, 2022* I did not create this content all credit due to Richard Hall… Money money money… “666 Mark of […]

Recently, the news broke that Elon Musk (now the world’s richest man) acquired Twitter. Musk claims that he’s a “free speech absolutist” and his takeover of the company was motivated by his passion for open discourse. Ryan MattersOff-GuardianWed, 04 May 2022 © Off-Guardian Musk called Twitter“the digital town square where […]

Watch carefully. Is this the future you want? New Zealand’s Vaccination Passport and contact tracing is the beginning of transition to this Social Credit based mass surveillance system. China is building a huge digital surveillance system. The state collects massive amounts of data from willing citizens: the benefits are practical, […]

Trump has never been one to back down, nor to be silenced. Despite the totalitarian social media bans, Trump will find a way. But the available tech has a sinister side. As you are all aware, the almighty lords of social media have attempted to silence Trump. The Technocratic Tyranny […]