New Orleans and Bush

From: “Peter Meyer” Date: September 6, 2005 10:02:56 AM PDT
Subject: (Fwd:) New Orleans and Bush

One Sylvia sent the following two messages to me. Serendipity is not being updated at this time, so she said: Feel free to pass this on. Sylvia can be reached at

1st message:

Is there something wrong about the way Hurricane Katrina was handled and is some of it perhaps done by design by Bush? some basic arithmetic:

it’s 9/3/05 and over 200,000 people are still missing in the city. Not including the 15,000 still in front of the superdome, not counting the million who escaped, not counting the 125,000 in red cross shelters the RC picked up off the streets outside of the city. total 1.4 million in the city before katrina. 200,000 unaccounted for by reliable sources still inside.

the convoys are feeding only refugee populations at 10 centers. not going into homes or wherever people are stuck and inaccessible. this translates into only 15000-20000 being fed as the general said last night. 200,000 without food, water since monday, whereabouts inside the city still unknown.

the trick of feeding refugees at centers is popular in disaster management. go feed those you can easily reach at refugee collection points, show lots of footage that you are doing it, convince the world it’s finally taken care of and they will forget how many never got a drop of water or a single meal and may be dead inside. do not go inside. it is a logistical nightmare and dangerous to do that, expensive, difficult, some of it truly almost impossible. just distract away from what you are NOT doing. just feed those who are sitting in convenient spots. something practiced in every
war and disaster. america thinks that now everybody either has a cuddly bed in houston or a at least warm meal on the streets of new orleans, give or take a few still trapped we just cannot help but it’s mostly coming under control 6 days after katrina, right?

republican senator now says dead may be 10,000 but that is just starting, it will go higher. what a joke. now explain where the 200,000 missing are and let’s see how many they still pull out alive from trapped flooded homes and deduct those few thousand from 200,000 unaccounted for. some may legitimately pop up somewhere, having fled. but the figure is too huge and discrepant for us to miscount so many. so where are they? another discrepancy – official estimates are 25 billion total loss in 3 states. various officials also explained that the total insured real estate within city limits of “nawlins” alone is 110 billion. that’s only insured private residences and businesses. not counting infrastructure as this is not privately insured. so now please explain to me if 80% of the city is destroyed or so heavily damaged that it is near destroyed, aren’t we somewhere in the 80+ billion mark of private real estate damage alone? what is the cost of the city’s entire infrastructure? that figure is not included in insured values. many billions to replace and it virtually all needs to be replaced. add that to the private real estate losses. the cost of feeding refugees for many months until they have a rebuilt city? many more billions. the cost of life insurance policies for those why may have them – many blue collar workers do have them as even crummy little employers if the company is large pay them, so don’t underestimate the poor population’s insurance rights. that is, of course, if corpses are found, they are a cash commodity which can be traded by survivors for policy benefits. if people vanish, nobody pays the survivors more than a few MREs if they are themselves stranded because it takes a corpse to activate the benefits.

the entire world offered help and bush refused yesterday, saying we can handle it. obviously not. but they don’t want it handled. why did he not accept free help from the world’s supertrained countries at this disaster rescue and recovery business? he is too greedy and pragmatic to be proud and refuse help. germany has the world’s
best portable water filtering system, they sent it to indonesia and watered and saved everybody during the tsunami within days. they offered it free of charge complete with transportation and staff and bush refused. france among other things has the best portable forensics labs in the world. identification of hundreds of thousands
in indonesia via DNA and dental records was compliments of france for free. despite bush’s attitude toward france, they offered it for free, personnel and shipping included and bush said no. why? is there any intention to identify people who are dead beyond a token few?

what i am suspicious of here – if you rescue more people, you gotta feed them and it costs more. if they make it out alive, you gotta replace their real estate, restore their lives and that costs more. if you identify the corpses, they get death certificates and insurance policies on life, home and property go the benefits go to their next of kin. but you need a corpse to activate that. so we should just find only a few symbolic corpses.

if the whole 200,000 still missing are just left to die in there, the world with its helpful self kept out so they do not help, recover, identify, the whole thing gets significantly cheaper. but you got to keep other countries who are keeping count out at all cost. that would be a more plausible explanation for turning down worldwide help offers. khofi annan said this week that the devastation and casualties of katrina exceeded the indonesian tsunami. i think they man may have inside information on more realistic casualty figures than our government is telling us about. the tsunami hit an area about as big as what katrina hit all in all. tsunami killed 125-150,000 when they stopped counting. put that in context with the number of missing. and think about what khofi annan may be saying that bush or nobody else will ever tell us about how bad and how dead New Orleans really is.

as far as floating corpses, you can dispose of them easily overnight without a trace. it was done in houston 100 years ago. after their big hurricane, they took thousands of corpses out to sea in ships and dumped them. at the time it was deemed acceptable because there were no sophisticated rescue means and not even the manpower or materials for so many coffins, so the government did it and the people accepted it. but we could just wait a few more days until everybody is good and dead in New Orleans and then quietly go in there, count the in the media promised 10,000 corpses and even add 5,000 more to prove we are honest and found even more, properly identify them, weep and drape american flags on the coffins, have bush hold a nice speech and hug a big black momma and show he cares and it’s done. and the others – if the figure of 200,000 totally missing inside the city is accurate, considering that hopefully many thousands, very hopefully even some tens of thousands still somehow come out alive…there is still a huge discrepancy in how many are well documented to be missing, how many came out and how many guessed dead so far. i doubt they will ever come close to releasing true figures. it would cost bush a lot of criticism and point the finger that he did not do enough if let’s say 100,000 are dead and they admit it. from khofi annan’s hints it may be far more than 100,000 if we follow his analogy and he was pretty specific in his disaster comparisons. that’s a lot of forensics and burials we have to pay for. the country, especially black people will not let them be put in a pyre and set on fire all at once like in indonesia. bush has to mourn each one and take a beating for why we did not prevent the size of the mess when it was still slowly brewing after the levee burst which made it clear that this was going to happen. then we got to pay everybody they left behind. but only if we have identified corpses. also if the true numbers ever came out, it would highlight the debate about global warming. they have the helicopters, food, endless staff to do this and do it quick. they are making only symbolic efforts to this day.

is this some crazy conspiracy theory? bush would kill off up to 200,000 people by well orchestrated neglect, quietly dispose of corpses and let them stay on milk cartons as listed missing forever, who knows where poor black folks go, they’ll pop up somewhere, maybe some are dead, we just dunno, change the subject, the iraq war is going splendidly this week and we liberated their minds and won their hearts and writing them a constitution and the economy of course is sagging due to katrina but this great nation will get over anything, thank you for being such valiant citizens, y’all…and it’s forgotten. a little talk, some memorials, some busywork by the government to show they are planning better for the next disaster…and it’s done and over. just like that. would bush go so far and orchestrate a quiet internal genocide like that by intentional neglect and refusing help from others? well. would he send countless americans to die for oil and kill over 100,000 iraqi civilians and still counting without remorse? would he care about
50,000, 100,000 or even 200,000 black corpses in New Orleans any more than the soldiers and civilians in Iraq? he would care only if the world knew about it. if he can quietly do it and get the city “cleaned up” and all those corpses wash out to sea, he is fine with it. they will have this thing sealed off for months and have all the time in the world to dispose of anything they want. by the way, i believe that the guards are sent in there to hunt down and kill anybody who looks like an armed looter, a looter’s brother, a looter’s grandmother and her dog now. they are not about to sort thru the population and guess who is bad and good and build jails and do trials for those raping and killing now. there are some true monsters trapped inside that city. they will open fire on anything that crawls once inside and add that to the pile of corpses that will disappear. if they float much longer in the heat and toxic sludge in the city they promised will be sealed and not enter.

think of the large sectors of town they dont have to rebuild for them. if nawlins is rebuilt, likely only partially and likely at astronomical cost, making real estate unaffordable in the new nawlins for poor blacks. the real estate is free to the government if no one survives to claim it and no body is found for survivors to file a claim and get paid for it and that makes fewer welfare recipients in the new nawlins and we can show that we even solved poverty in the city
and built them nicer houses. not all came back, some were never heard from but that just happens in a disaster, we did all we could, now let’s point the camera on a nice blooming corner and show a young black mother with 3 babies smiling happily and saying her country finally came thru for her and rebuilt her life and then let’s take a commercial break before the next news blip on iraq where things are equally peachy. think of all the nice neighborhoods they
can build if all those that the government deems useless ugly poor people are gone and as few come back and make claims as possible. think of all the former ghetto areas which if they have no other value could be used for industrial purposes, oil reserve storage or whatever and the rest can be rebuilt into a nice new new orleans. and they don’t have to pay for much of it if they don’t count or identify corpses. why indeed should they let the world come in and help? please investigate what is going on in the city. the figures and official statements make no sense whatsoever and i believe there is a huge coverup going on.


2nd message:

The Marines in New Orleans – these are not regular logistics and rescue Marines but elite troops, mostly sharpshooters. My son is a college student but also Marines reservist who was yanked out of college and sent
to Iraq when it began, back now. But from this, I know the corps a little bit. Elite troops being parachuted into an inner city means they are going in with sharpshooting orders to kill anything that looks suspicious on the streets, those are sniper and door-to-door combat people dispatched to simply kill anybody who looks like a gang member or is in the wrong place looking for food in a looted store. They are not peacekeepers. They are trained killers with orders to do exactly that on the streets. Sure, they have a criminal element on the loose in the city. Largely due to Bush neglect, this happened. But the answer is not to send snipers to a city. These guys kill a lot of innocents along with what is perceived as “bad guys”. They will likely end up gunning down milies scavenging for last food scraps still trapped inside along with whatever organized crime that is reportedly all over the city. Several of our local Seattle firefighters were sent 2 days ago, similar mission. These are not normal firefighters, these are people who do recon and sniper missions. Firefighters have a few such people in every unit with combat experience and special training, many are former Marines. That’s exactly the ones they sent out from here, handselected combat guys from the fire department in Seattle. There is a big mobilization of professionally killers being sent down there. What a chance to purge the population of unwanted people and get away
with it.

Mayor Nagin is great. Finally somebody not afraid to blast Bush. Nagin is the main reason Bush finally responded quickly yesterday. Nagin today stated that of the 500,000 city residents, there may be 5%, 10%, 20% dead….he is the only one willing to talk about the death toll. Watch the Bush people sweep it under the rug and leave a great number
simply as missing and lose a lot of corpses at sea – they laid the foundation yesterday, announcing that many have been swept out and are seen drifting in the Gulf. I expect them to dump a great many more there intentionally. Same with anybody they are killing in the streets with the Marines elite missions right now. They will not leave corpses with military bullets in them as evidence. There is a huge cover-up going on overall, but now today focus seems to be on these sharp-shooting missions. And whether they intended to let a genocide by delay happen or it happened out of disorganization, it is happening and being covered up.

Yes, there is a social/political breakdown. In increments for years. The Patriot Act. The Homeland Security Gestapo apparatus which is worthless in this disaster as I don’t believe that handling disasters was ever their task. FEMA was always useless in disasters. Red Cross only babysits refugees who are already out and evacuated, they do not do rescues, transport or anything the city would have needed in the first days. So there was never a plan to get people out in the first days and they simply left the mayor hanging with it with his few cops and local forces. Thank God, he yelled so loud. Bush is now preparing the public for unauthorized military intervention in civilian areas right here in this country. Let’s see where this is going from here.



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