More questions about the London bombing



Clap our hands together one at a time to hear the sound?
point: we KNOW all the “terrorism” bullshit is just that…what NOW?

At the time it happened (7th July) I wondered how long it would take, before this sort of questioning started coming out.

Only relatively recently have the unanswered questions about 911 came out IN ABUNDANCE.

It seems that the illusion is being lifted a little faster with this particular piece of theatre.
It is only 3 months, and the line-up of questions that seem to discredit the “official story” is getting quite long.

See how many of these you can answer:

Why, when the July 7, 07.40 Luton to London train was cancelled, did the police say that the bombers caught the 07.40 train?

With the next train arriving at Kings Cross at 08.42 how did the four bombers manage to reach the underground, board the different tubes, get into position and self-explode in 7 minutes?

Why, with the saturation CCTV coverage ­ entrances, escalators, platforms, carriages ­ of London Underground, was there no footage to be found of the suicide bombers? [Note: I read that the UK has the greatest concentration of surveillance cameras in the world]

How did they find a still photograph of the four bombers from the CCTV coverage?

Why does white-hat-man, in the photograph, in front of the railings, have a railing half-way through his face and cutting off his lower left arm?

Why, with no previous connections to any militant groups did the suicide bombers choose to die and kill for Islam?

Why did the four pose for the CCTV cameras and carry wallets full of ID?

Why did they not shout the standard Islamic proclamation, Allah Akhbar, before committing suicide and murder?

Why did they buy return tickets?

Why did they buy pay & display parking tickets?

How were the 3 bombs detonated at precisely the same time without remote-controlled timers?

There has been an important revision in the official presentation of the actual events of the July 7 bombings in London. Scotland Yard’s deputy assistant commissioner, Brian Paddick, told a press conference on Saturday, “All three bombs on the London Underground system actually exploded within seconds of each other at around 8:50 in the morning.”

He said that technical data from London Underground disproved the previous reports, which placed the times of the bomb explosions further apart. Police now believe there was a team of at least four bombers using commercial high explosives with sophisticated timing devices.

On Thursday and Friday, it had been widely reported that the bomb at Liverpool Street station exploded at 8:51 a.m., the second blast came at 8:56 a.m., and the third at 9:17 a.m.. The bus explosion at Tavistock Square, south of the Euston Road, reportedly took place at 9:51 a.m.

Why was the carriage floor damage in an upwards direction?

How did the police know so much so quickly?

Why was Israeli Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, told not to leave his hotel room – Great Western, adjacent to Liverpool Street Station?

A report published by the Associated Press (AP) at 12:16 p.m. on July 7, authored by Amy Teibel in Jerusalem, stated, “British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday’s explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said.”

Why did the suicide bus bomber go to back seat of the top deck?

Why was this No.30 bus the only bus to be re-directed, off its usual route, by the police?

Why did they not tell the passengers?

Why was Britain’s threat level downgraded?

Also begging a credible explanation is the extraordinary decision by the British authorities to downgrade the official threat level for the country, at a time when it was hosting the G8 summit of major industrial nations.

No explanation was offered at that time as to why the terror threat was deemed to have receded. It had been at the higher level during May’s campaigning for the British general election.

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