Quietly, quietly, but with gathering steam, Mr Fitzgerald, Special
Prosecutor, is drawing the noose around an administration running amok.
His term comes to its statutory closing date at the end of this month,
so stay tuned. [Ed]

Kristol: “One or More Indictments in the Next Three Weeks”
Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday:

Criminal defense lawyers I’ve spoken to who are friendly to the administration are very worried that there will be one or more indictments in the next three weeks of senior administration officials, just looking at what Fitzgerald is doing and taking him at his word, you know, being a serious prosecutor here. And I think it’s going to be bad for the Bush administration.

Someone like Bill Kristol doesn’t get information like this by accident. It’s being fed to him so, if there is an indictment, he can prepare the base. Towards the end of the segment, Kristol got started, saying, “I hate the criminalization of politics.”

The best way to stop the criminalization of politics is to get the criminals out of politics.


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