Mikey Havoc’s Column: The Snark

I don’t try too hard to be anyone other than myself. There are real benefits from ‘keeping it real’.
So when my column was published in the debut issue of Uncensored, I was under no illusions as to what some folks might think of what I had written.

I was determined to not start up any scatty, issue by issue, back and forth, biting back furiously at the taunting of a few agitators, mainly because it reads badly and bores almost everyone.

However, we do encourage comment on the Uncensored website and one jeering scoffer did piss me off when he whined that in his opinion Uncensored seemed obsessed with finding fault in the US government and what an easy and boringly predictable target that is and were we not aware that other governments are shady as well … and jeez get a new topic … and break some real stories…

So just for you Mr ‘Its-just-I-never-got-round-to-doing-a-magazine-myself-but-anyway-yours-sucks-and-anyway-it’s-sweet-to-get-complacent-about-the-overwhelming-nastiness-and-arrogant-crimes-affecting-not-only-the-US- but-the-whole-world’s-population-because-its-just-so-you-know-predictable’, here’s a story about a local man.

A New Zealander. Former politician in fact. Former National Party politician .

His name is Trevor Rogers.

The very same Trevor Rogers MP who left the stuffiness of the National Party to form and become leader of the Right Of Centre Party in 2000 which was shortly after renamed The Conservative Party .
Upstanding, right thinking and a moral crusader (obviously) Trev’s big claim to political fame was his private members bill he tabled in front of Parliament in 1993 whilst still a National MP.

He wanted New Zealanders protected from the filth of the world !!!!
His Technology and Crimes Reform Private Members Bill would have seen a telephone disconnected for 5 years if proven to have been used to transmit “objectionable material”. Also in the bill: any communication with foreign websites or telecommunication services which transmitted objectionable content would be an offence and Internet Service Providers would be ordered to cut those services off.
The Bill was obviously quite flawed. Trevor eventually bowed out from politics in 2001.

So what happened to this moral watchdog and self appointed spokesman for all things good and right? And what does his recent history tell us about what is happening in and to New Zealand?
What of the man who was voted into Parliament by the public on the grounds he was an honest, right thinking do-gooder concerned with the well being of all steady thinking fellow humans?
Does he battle on, fighting the righteous fight ? Is he out there protecting us from sliding into depravity and vice?

Introducing The Snark.

It’s a diesel-powered, radio controlled, military helicopter designed and produced by a company TGR Helicorp.

It is the world’s first diesel powered helicopter, making it compliant with the US Navy one-fuel-for-all policy, and due to an engine that recycles its own exhaust the Snark will quite happily stay up in the air for a staggering 24 hours.

Racing along at up to 280km/h it is extremely quiet; you would be straining to hear it 250m away) and because of the tiny amount of heat escaping – almost undetectable by heat-seeking missiles.
It can carry a weight of 650kg (say, two soldiers and gear off a battlefield) and is capable of being fitted with a wealth of surveillance equipment including normal and infrared cameras with or without listening devices.

Why not really show off your muscle and fit it out with a selection of badass weapons. The Snark is capable of packing serious heat – each one can be fitted with enough firepower to ‘sink a ship’.
Gizmag described The Snark as ‘the meanest Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle in the World’ and on TGR Helicorp’s website the craft is labelled “Fierce and Nasty” .
Don’t go and get all excited now, the Snark isn’t a toy.
Not for you or me, anyway.

The Snark is a deadly instrument of warfare

The TGR Helicorp website informs interested buyers (at $5 million a pop – they are not cheap) that the soulless nasty little snooping heli-killer may only be purchased only by those officially representing military or governmental interests.

There seems to be plenty of War going on right now, so I can imagine they will be snapped up quickly as they are produced.

(Last week I read a speech that George W Bush had given in which he discussed the upcoming addition of unmanned drones to add strength to the US border patrol arsenal…hmmm. )
The Snark is a deadly instrument of warfare that will end the lives of many human beings.

It suggests now another level of attack capability has been reached on the battlefield (and over cities and towns) and I shudder when I imagine what it will be like to notice a Snark quietly checking you out from a distance as you go about your daily business…watching, listening, guns slapped all over it!

Who can claim the Snark for their own ?

Who is Gepetto to this Pinnochio of Death ?

Ladies and Gentlemen won’t you please welcome back Mr Do Right himself Trevor Rodgers !!!!
That’s right, after a go at making it look like he wanted to make the country a better place and striving to sweep it clean of all that was rotten, Trev got busy on a new project – Sneaky Radio Controlled, Fully Armed Mission Capable Search and Destroy Helicopters !

And they are being produced … in East Tamaki.
Trev, making a profit from the global evils of War and being considerate enough to produce those killing machines here at home.

Simply despicable, bro.

I hope his business crumbles and that he can’t sleep another wink in his life.
I am interested and mystified as to how he justifies the production of machines like the Snark to himself.

A pretend conservative with nothing better than bullshit Graham Capill morals.
My point?

I just thought that it was better for us all to know about Trevor and his Snark. I am intrigued to find out what you think of a weapon of this type being built in Auckland, to be shipped off to whatever War Pig wants one.

Ask yourself what lies ahead for our current MPs once they stop performing at the Beehive. And are the new ones any different?

Is New Zealand just about “business as usual” or is there something else besides the dollar God that we’re supposed to value?


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