Gidday Jon,

Many thanks for tackling our situation in good faith. Look forward to receiving and watching the DVD.
With regards to Newsboy, I noted he said somethinthg like “What kind of person takes any of this stuff seriously?” or similar. Basically inferring that anyone who accepts UFO phenomena exists, 9/11 was an inside job and so on is either gullible or a sheep or two short in the top paddock.
I remember thinking at the time, I should drop the programme an e-mail to jog Newsboy’s memory – What kind of person? Well for one, your good buddy Mikey Havoc! And what’s more, you my good man!
Although presented in a youthfully irreverent style, both he and Mikey exposed some very interesting government, environmental and corporate ‘conspiracies’ amongst other notable revelations and mischief, on their TV show a couple of years ago.
They chatted with the likes of Nicky Hagar on several occasions, covering off topics like the U.S spying on us/us spying for them. They may have approached things with humour, but I was always left with the impression that they both had a serious appetite for the truth. That they both wanted to inspire other young New Zealanders to develop an interest in, and question what’s going on around them.
So actually – not only am I very surprised by his comments (on and off air) – I’m hugely disappointed and confused by his behaviour. Either I was well suckered in by his ‘performance’ on this other programme, and he never gave any ‘beef’ to any of it … or he’s a superficial little git, willing to put his own beliefs and integrity aside for the sake of someone elses agenda, and a moment in the sun …

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