Chemtrail Climate Change To Eradicate Useless Eaters
by Hazel McKinlay
February 22 2006

Sir David King, the UK Government’s chief scientific adviser has said that “Climate change is a far greater threat to the world than international terrorism.” This is true, since there is no threat from terrorism at all, unless you are unfortunate enough to be in the cross-fire when Her Majesty’s Secret Service are bombing public transport to blame Muslims, but global warming is real and “nearly all climate scientists today” agree that it is caused primarily by humans. This is also true, but it is not due to the size of the human “footprint” and our greenhouse emissions, but because the weather is being engineered.

Dr. Geoff Jenkins of the Centre for Climate Prediction and Research said, “We have reached the point where it’s only by including human activity that we can explain what’s happening.” This activity must include the daily spraying of chemicals into our skies, which prevents energy escaping from the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, contributing to excessive warming which can distort natural patterns of climate. The pollution from chemtrails, which has made blue skies a vague memory, is much worse than the damage caused by all fossil fuel consumption combined and poses a major threat to life on Earth.

The aerosols emitted from (remote control) jets criss-crossing the sky, day and night, are composed of polymers fibres, aluminium and barium which is necessary to increase the efficacy of HAARP, whose function, amongst other things, includes climate alteration. When Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told a gathering of state emergency management directors that the record snowfall in New York had been especially arranged “to give a little additional urgency to these proceedings” it was an insider joke, because he must know that weather modification technology has existed for several decades.

The Wall Street Journal reported in 1997 that Malaysia intended to generate cyclones to disperse smog. This advanced technology could be used to induce climatic conditions conducive to agriculture, but we see the opposite, with man-made floods and drought. The American Association for the Advancement of Science has warned that there will be a hundred million extra hungry people in the next ten years and climate change could mean that millions of species will be at risk of extinction by 2050. So, what are governments proposing to do to alleviate hunger, water shortage and crop failure?

George Bush admits we are “addicted to oil” but omitted to say that is an artificial dependency created for profit by dealers, like him. He could declassify suppressed zero-point technology which is used in black budget projects, but instead he is promoting alternative biofuels, such as ethanol made by fermenting corn, and methanol from recycled carbon dioxide, or products made from switchgrass and wood chips, or coal liquefaction. Prime Minister Tony Blair, warns of catastrophic consequences if steps are not taken now and wants a range of measures, from emissions trading to nuclear power.

But while they penalise everyone from smokers to car owners, chemtrails continue to be ignored. When the Environmental Protection Agency was approached about this issue they claimed to be “unaware” of it and Greenpeace say they are only concerned about global warming! Greenhouse gasses alone cannot be responsible for rising temperatures, bushfires, melting glaciers and erratic weather systems, but unnatural interference in the ionosphere can, which means climate change is deliberate and part of the depopulation agenda. By this method, they can eradicate all the ‘useless eaters’ and put the guilt on us!

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