Louise Nicholas: miscarriage of justice

Last year two men aged 46 and 52(from Mount Maunganui and Napier) were sentenced to eight and eight and half years respectively for pack rape; they were found not guilty of a further charge of rape with an object. They received name suppression and along with two named co-convicted they appealed. Their appeal was heard in Jan/Feb this year. These men are either doing time or are on bail pending the outcome of the appeal.

Below please find the details of this other pack rape. And note the similarities with the Louise Nicholas case; the intimidation not to testify, the sexual violation with an object (the name of the object was suppressed), the accused ‘good character’ references, the tears and strong ‘family’ support and other remarkably similar scenarios.

To perhaps better understand the Louise Nicholas case, a reading of the judge?s comments from that earlier case may be of assistance. Especially the judge?s comments regarding the two convicted rapists who gained name suppression.

Given that there was no court order to suppress evidence in the Louise Nicholas case other than evidence and circumstances that WERE ALREADY SUBJECT TO SUPPRESSION ORDERS, one can only wonder why the lawyer for Bob Schollum (52) of Napier has referred the distribution of information by Wellington women, to the police as a possible case of contempt of a court order.

If you believe there has been a grave miscarriage of justice in the Louise Nicholas case please forward this email to every woman and every good man you know. It is the least you can do to honour the bravery of Louise Nicholas.

This information has been assembled from the public domain. While it seems unlikely information already in the public domain breaches any court order you should understand that by forwarding this email you may be breaching court orders.

(If you prefer to forward this information anonymously, go to www.hotmail.com and enter justiceforlouise@hotmail.com. To maintain privacy send your email to justiceforlouise@hotmail.com and post the contents of your address book into the BCC function. The password is 123456 – please do not use this email to send information that is expressly covered by suppression orders)

Connecting the dots is not difficult:




Thank you for your efforts.

The silent women of Aotearoa.

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