The Box Cutter War That Will Bankrupt America

By Douglas Herman

The weirdest war in American history will have the direst consequences. A disaster for your kids and grandkids (I have no kids but the USA is still my country). If this war were a video game–call it Grand Theft Country–no one would believe it. The war the Neocons started, and the Chinese and Japanese are financing, leaving mayhem and destruction everywhere, will one day cost a whole lot of American kid a lifetime of hard work and taxes. All because their parents, and the brilliant leaders their parents elected, didn’t give a damn.

Who knew a war, allegedly started with 19 box cutters, could bankrupt America? Meanwhile the Chinese sit patiently on the sidelines, as they have for the last three years, waiting for us to implode like that skyscraper, WTC-7. Allegedly, that skyscraper, like those box cutters, played a pivotal but inexplicable role in the “New Pearl Harbor” but, once again, few of those parents or their leaders want to know exactly why or how. One day they will, when they get the bill.
The Box Cutter War
The weirdest war in American history will probably initiate, to borrow Francis Fukuyama’s weird phrase, “the end of history” or at least a steep decline for the Land of The Free. Almost as if the Neocons planned it that way. Almost like a secret group of double-agents drew up a clever plan to hasten the demise of the American republic for the benefit of the Chinese. While rewarding a few wealthy investors along the way.
They called their plan the War on Terror and when White House economist Paul O’Neill, Truth-Teller predicted a pricetag of $200 billion to pay for the Iraq War-as opposed to the $15 billion predicted by Paul Wolfowitz-O’Neill was fired.
Curiously, as is everything in the Box Cutter War, Wolfowitz is now considered one of the World’s Top 100 Public Intellectuals and heads the World Bank. I kid you not. Here is that weird list: The Prospect/FP Top 100 Public Intellectuals.
Notice all the other Neocons on the list. Christopher Hitchens is # 5!. Weird isn’t it? I mean my cat is smarter than that guy. And warhawk journalist, Thomas Friedman, is # 16. A paperweight is smarter than Tom Friedman.
These are the smartest intellectuals in the world? They couldn’t even prevent the Box Cutter War or adequately explain how a stout steel skyscraper, WTC-7, collapsed at the speed of gravitational free fall? Indeed, the Number One guy on the list, Noam Chomsky, a professor at MIT, didn’t even know the “war on terror” was utterly and completely a fraud, predicated by a series of fake terrorist events and media manipulation.
Who knew a bunch of guys with few piloting skills, armed with box cutters only, could commandeer NORAD and “stand down” fighter planes from the mightiest and costliest military in the world. Talk about evil genius.
In the movie V for Vendetta, the masked swordsman resembles an amateur sushi chef compared to those 19 holy warriors armed with box cutters with one inch blades. Not only could those commandos pass through airport checkpoints without having their names verified on a passenger manifest, they could slip a 767 through to the Pentagon without being caught on any security cameras surrounding that fortress!
Bankrupting America, One Box Cutter At A time
I’m convinced the alleged war on terror was a clever ruse to bankrupt America in the quickest amount of time. Recruit some disgruntled guys with box cutters, capture them on video cameras and connect them to a crime by blanketing the crime scene with alleged personal possessions they left behind, and presto: collapsing steel skyscrapers that bend every law of physics.
Thus proving Smart Guy # 21 (Francis Fukuyama) correct: History really is ending. For America that is.
One conservative estimate calculates the Iraq War has cost American taxpayers $250 billion thus far. Another economist, who took a longer view, calculated between one and two TRILLION dollars. Most parents don’t know or don’t seem to care about the mounting war debt, leaving that burden to their kids to worry about. I imagine a whole lot of life support systems will be pulled by angry kids and grandkids, 20-30 years in the future. Call it a generational payback for the Box Cutter War and deservedly so.
Meanwhile the Chinese sit as patiently as contented cats in a sunny alcove. Wonder how much time, at the rate of current US deficit spending, their top 100 intellectuals calculate America has, before we implode, collapsing completely into our own footprint? Five years? Three? Six months?
The Gold & Silver Conspiracy
Now I’m not one of the top 100 intellectuals in the world, not even in my own town. But I did predict the rise of gold and silver several months ago, while Baron Rothschild was telling the media he was divesting his gold. Yeah, right.
Curiously, one website I visit frequently, Yahoo, used to have a handy graph that showed the rise and or fall of precious metals. You know the ones, jagged lines like a seismograph. Funny thing: months ago the graph no longer worked. I tried to click on it various times. No dice. Still doesn’t work.
Once, months ago, I could check what precious metals were doing over the past several months, going back two to five years, just by following that squiggly line. Not anymore. The chart and graphs are gone. The rise is steadily upwards now. Silver has nearly doubled since I wrote my essay for STR. Wonder why Yahoo doesn’t want the public to know?
Could it be an impeding currency crash? That couldn’t be the reason, could it? There aren’t any real conspiracies, right? I mean, the US Treasury is running the printing presses night and day so, logically, we will never run out of paper money here in America. Right? I wonder if the wheelbarrow people are working overtime too.
Meanwhile the Box Cutter War continues into the third year while this country hemorrhages money like a man st
abbed multiple times.
One final Note.
Paul Joseph Watson of wrote: “Answer why Pakistan ISI Director General Mahmud Ahmad instructed Ahmad Umar Sheikh to hotwire $100,000 to the alleged 9/11 lead hijacker, Mohammad Atta and why Mahmud Ahmad on the morning of 9/11 was meeting with former clandestine CIA officer and CFR member Rep. Porter Goss (Current CIA Director!) and Skull and Bones/CFR member Senator Bob Graham….answer why since September 4th, he had met with top brass at the CIA, the Pentagon and the White House, including Colin Powell, Richard Armitage, Joseph Biden and George Tenet?”
Does anybody know if the Kean Commission addressed this evidence of conspiracy?
Douglas Herman writes for Rense and is the author of
The novel, The Guns of Dallas. He owns one box cutter and never takes the weapon on airplanes or across state lines.
Reach him at
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