American Realty Check Test

Who did the President say he would fire involved with the Valerie Plame leaks?
Answer: Everyone

Who has the investigation proven to implicate in the leak?
Answer: Looks like just about everyone including the President

When did the President declassify the information to avoid prosecution?
Answer: Ten days after the leak

How many agents lost their lives due to the leaks and how badly were our intelligence agencies compromised?
Answer: No one knows exact number or the extent of the damage because it is classified.

Where are the weapons of mass destruction, the sole purpose for going to war in Iraq?
Answer: Never were any; the pipes they found were earmarked for a Dairy, the two trailers claimed to be mobile biological warfare units had nothing to do with biological weapons despite continued White House claims for over a year that went against all intelligence reports.

How is Iraq linked to 911?
Answer: Never was although the mainstream press keeps linking Iraq to 911 to support the invasion.

Has this Administration been involved with lying, deceiving, the death of thousands of innocent men, women and children, our own US troops 2000+, supported torture and made windfall profits in the process being heavily invested in the War and Oil industries supplying arms, equipment, gas and diesel for the war at greatly inflated prices? Did we supply the very arms used against us in the war?
Answer: Follow the money.

Ministers Questionnaire. Are these Christian acts and how can any true Christian back and follow actions in direct contradiction with the principles Christ Stood for? Brother/Sisterly Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Compassion? Anyone ever hear of a Peace President? Was there an addendum to thou shalt not kill? Is torture really okay? How about deception? Windfall profit at the expense of humanity and the Earth? What does it mean by what good is it to profit the whole of the world and loose your soul?

What happened to the Constitution, our rights to privacy? Why are our emails, cell and personal residence phones being monitored? How does the Patriot Act legally override the Constitution when these rights are unalienable, the Constitution our leadership has sworn to uphold? Why has our foreign policy generated hatred and total disrespect around the globe?

If the Presidents approval rating is in the low 30%, the Vice President’s is 16% and falling and Rumsfield’s is now at zero then who do these guys work for? Who does the Congress and the House work for? Certainly not the majority of the American People. Add the CNN pole that found 89% of the American people believe the official 911 story is a lie, there is a cover-up and the government was involved just who are the 11% that are keeping the present leadership in power against the wishes of the American People. This last question we don’t have the answer for? Maybe the real patriots can answer this one. Maybe even ask our leadership this question? Love to hear their answer.

G. W.

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