1. There follows below a critique of the overdeveloped Bird Flu Alarm by ISIS, the The Institute of Science in Society 2. Appended below is a URL reference to “Fuss and Feathers – Pandemic Panic over the Avian Flu” By Michael Fumento in The Weekly Standard, November 21, 2005. This […]


Source: altermedia.info (While there may be some debate over whether the following letter is a genuine article leaked to the public or a forgery almost indistinguishable from other policy statements from the Bush administration, the public should have the right to decide for themselves. So judge for yourself. –Charles Coughlin) […]

In April 2006, the US National Command Authority issued orders for more than 20,000 US soldiers to prepare to deploy to the Persian Gulf within 48 hours of receiving an execute order from either GW Bush or Donald Rumsfeld. Generals fear “Persian Gulf Incident” trigger. US TROOPS PREPARED TO ATTACK […]