Recent History Of ‘New Energy’ Invention Suppression Cases

This is the third version of my compilation of specific energy suppression cases. This time I decided to get serious.
I thoroughly reviewed my own files and a few web sites pertaining to energy suppression. Deleted were some cases that didn’t appear to be authentic suppression. I also incorporated some thoughtful comments that had been emailed to me this last week.
About three days ago, I received an amazingly timely phone call from Byron Wine in Virginia. For more than three decades he has been collecting energy information which he posts on his site I included some of his very interesting material.
I think that Congress should write, introduce, and pass a bill titled, “Energy Inventor Protection and Energy Patent Declassification Act of 2006”. Included should be 24/7 protection of energy inventors by armed guards, and declassification of 4000 energy patents unfairly held in secret by the U.S. Patent Office.
If energy journalist Dr. Eugene Mallove really was murdered by a pathetic pair of drug addicts, then that doesn’t count as an authentic suppression case. However, I remember reading that the very next day, Gene was to drive three hours to Washington to demonstrate a verified table-top energy device. I can’t find a reference. I would like to present his slaying as a “coincidence (?)”.
Note that during just in the last two months, there have been three incidents of energy inventors threatened with death by gun-toting thugs, possibly employed by the oil companies or large banks to squash competition. Maybe not to worry, however. I and quite a few other energy researchers have still not been threatened to be “fitted with cement boots” or whatever.
Gary Vesperman Henderson, Nevada

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