Further to the article on MSG and Obesity in the new issue of UNCENSORED, this letter just in:

Hi Jon,
I have come across some new studies on MSG, published only last year, which could be included in the article, if it’s not too late.
Here’s the paragraph, which would be inserted at the end of the section on obesity:

In mid 2005, M. Hermanussen and JAF Tresguerres published a study titled ‘Obesity, Voracity, and Short Stature: the Impact of Glutamate on the regulation of Appetite’. This presented experimental support for a hypothesis regarding the use of elevated amounts of glutamate in the diet. They found morbid obesity is associated with short stature, which in turn is associated with low levels of growth hormone. Growth hormone levels are lowered in newborn rats when injected with MSG, and in rats whose mothers received MSG whilst pregnant. They also observed rats kept on a high MSG diet demonstrated marked voracity. In conclusion, they felt there were good reasons to avoid MSG, at least until more studies could be carried out. Additionally, Hermanussen and Tresguerres have presented clinical evidence that the use of anti-glutamate drug Memantine, normalises binge eating disorders within hours by blocking the action of glutamate.

I can insert it into the story and send a new copy of the article to you.



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