Free E-Books on the New World Order And Vaccines


“The Police State Road Map” (2005)
There is a free 200 page e-book by the UK’s Michael Nield to be found at It provides a broad spectrum analysis of the New World Order and offers many useful insights into the strategies the megalomaniacs at the helm employ. It includes chapters on a wide array of topics, such as the war on terror, martial law, the function of poverty, the future of democracy, population control and how they manage to control Western governments. It is easy to read and has numerous reference links online to enable you to validate the author’s claims.

“The Terror of Pediatric Medicine” (2007)
There is a new free 350-page e-book on vaccines by Mark Sircus, for anyone who wants to read about the dangers of vaccines and other dubious medical practices aimed at the very young. This is especially timely considering the recent information on the state legislators in the US, backed heavily by the pharmaceutical companies and political groups, who are attempting and suceeding in making mandatory the new and unproven HPV vaccine against cervical cancer for all girls at age 11, (refer for story).
States Sircus: “Helping children by poisoning them is not a viable option or even medically sane though the medical community thinks so. Pediatrics is in general inhumane. It’s a group of men and woman specially trained to terrorize newborns and young ones and their families and to feel good about it in the process. If that is not the truth I would like to hear about it!”
The book offers solutions for a world of medicine gone mad. Link to the book download:
You have to send in your name and email address to access the download.

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Clare Swinney

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