9/11 Not First Example Of Media Scripting & Foreknowledge?


Were Oswald and Pearl Harbour details leaked ahead of time too?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The BBC and other news outlets reporting the collapse of WTC 7 in advance was not the first time in history that the media had pre-empted major events by reporting them before they happened. Did a newspaper in New Zealand report intricate details about Lee Harvey Oswald’s connection to the JFK assassination before such knowledge was publicly available?

Our reports on the BBC Building 7 fiasco have gained overwhelming traction on the Internet but the establishment media has all but blacklisted the story.

As an addendum to the issue of the scripting and foreknowledge of major world events and how the official story is prepared ahead of the actual incident, we decided to take a brief look at a couple of other potential historical examples.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy occurred at 7:30am New Zealand time on November 23rd 1963. In November, New Zealand is 19 hours ahead of Central Standard Time in the U.S.

A newspaper in New Zealand, seemingly picking up information from wire reports, reported intricate details about Lee Harvey Oswald, including the description of his arrest, before he had been arrested in Texas.

Col Fletcher Prouty writes in his book the Guns of Dallas;

“I happened to be far away in New Zealand at the time of JFK’s murder. I was on my way to breakfast with a member of Congress from Ohio. As soon as possible, we purchased the first newspaper available — the Christchurch Star. It is amazing to re-read the front page of that paper today and find all of the detail, the remarkable detail, about Lee Harvey Oswald, about his service in the Marine Corps, about his living in Russia, about his Russian wife, and then the full scenario of the crime.”

“Then one begins to wonder — understanding full well the capability of modern-day communications and reporting — who it was that was able in so short a time to come up with such a life history of so obscure a twenty-four-year-old “loner.” Even the Dallas police had not charged him with any crime by the time that paper had hit the streets. In the crime scenario it states that two Dallas cops, J D Tippit and M N McDonald, had chased Oswald into a theater and that Tippit was shot dead “as he ran into the cinema.” Who fabricated all of that news? Who was at the right place at that moment to flood the whole world with all of this news about Lee Harvey Oswald, when even the Dallas police weren’t too sure of their man, they said, because he carried two identities (Oswald and Alek Hidell) in his pocket.”

How was a newspaper able to assemble and print precise details about Lee Harvey Oswald before he had even been caught, unless a script had already been prepared for the media as soon as the assassination occurred?

Researcher David Perry questioned Prouty’s claims, pointing out that the newspaper headline was part of an “Extra” edition that hit the streets before noon New Zealand time, after police had arrested and released details about Oswald.

Perry contends that the press knew Oswald was in custody at around 10am New Zealand time, which gave the newspaper around an hour and a half to compile details about him that were freely available from previous reports about the alleged assassin.

The credibility of Prouty’s claims rest on whether you believe a newspaper can compile a report, perform a print run, and be selling the newspaper all within within 90 minutes – at the pace and technological limitations of the 1960’s.

The many warnings and foreknowledge concerning the December 7 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor are now widely known. But a lesser noted aspect is a November 30 1941 story that appeared in the Hilo Tribune Herald , one week before the Japanese kamikaze planes arrived.

The headline of the story was Japan May Strike Over Weekend, meaning the following weekend.

Though the full text of the story from the Hawaii newspaper is seemingly unavailable, many allege that this another example where the media were able to pre-empt news of a major world event before it happened and bizarrely forecast the future.

We’ll leave it up to the reader to decide whether these two examples merit credibility. Feel free to leave your views on our comment board.


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