Rally By 21st April -Our Health Our Choice

Our Health Our Choice
Say NO to Aussie Rules!

Keep informed: https://www.houseofradianceintl.com/Health_Freedom_NZ.htm.


1. As Wellington, Whangarei and Christchurch are now getting together their groups to join the movement it looks like by 21st of April we will have a national march. We desperately need a national co-ordinator to liaise with the various groups. Call me for job description on 09 377 2850 or email me on info@houseofradianceintl.com.
2. Anyone whose submissions have been refused hearing please make yourself known to me on Saturday by coming a little earlier. Please bring your submissions. Should we get press there we would like to make that point known to the crowd.
3. After speaking with David Sloan today of the Health Charter in Christchurch he raised a very alarming and overlooked point in this issue when it comes to advertising of health products section of the Bill. There is a suggestion that any material even books about Health that will be written and sold in NZ will also be regulated by this TGA dominated entity. Another name for CENSORSHIP! The more you dig the dirtier it gets.

Sue Kedgleys media release puts it aptly:

“We are being expected to pass legislation before it has even been introduced into the Australian Parliament, before we know any of the detail about how the agency will operate, or how many products will become illegal. It is madness.”

Help Turn the tide, assert your freedom, save democracy and demand sovereignty and show up to yell Our Health, Our Choice.

Regarding Submission Hearings on 10th April

For those of you receiving government knock backs on your submissions please lodge a formal complaint to speaker of the House, Margaret Wilson. This is her website below and on the right hand side as you scroll down you’ll find her email form: https://www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/MPP/MPs/MPs/c/1/5/c15956175edb4f53a320b3579e8006d7.htm

Please show up to the rallys and marches with your submissions and refusal letters, we will use that with the press.

Please show up on the 10th of April where the submissions are planned to be read, we’ll have you read them there. So far we have heard of 5 knock backs. If it takes us two days of sit ins to hear everyones submissions in full outside Helen Clarks home in Morningside we’ll make our point.

Please also lodge your complaint to the Select Committee memembers themselves suggesting if there have been so many submissions perhaps they should alot more time to hear them.

Select Committee


MP Name

Party, Electorate

Government Administration


Ardern, Shane

National Party, Taranaki-King Country Fax (04) 437 6447 – W’ton

Government Administration


Connell, Brian

National Party, Rakaia

81 Harrison St, Ashburton

PO Box 6036, Ashburton


Fax (03) 308 7509 – Ashburton

Fax (04) 473 0469 – W’ton

Government Administration


Fenton, Darien

Labour Party, List

Fax (04) 472 7036 –W’ton

Government Administration


Goudie, Sandra

National Party, Coromandel

No W’ton fax

Thames fax (07) 868 3529

Government Administration


Hawkins, George

Labour Party, Manurewa

No W’ton fax

Manuwera fax (09) 267 0939

Government Administration


Samuels, Dover

Labour Party, List

Fax (04) 471 0811 – Wton

A message from Isabel:

** My request to speak to my submission has been refused by the Administrative Committee here in Auckland on the 10th April. New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland has been allotted only 3 hours in which to hear submitters and each speaker will have 5 minutes.

I think this is demonstrative of how the government regards the people whom it is elected to serve! ** [derisive snort]

It’s also very telling that much media focus has been given to the “anti-smacking” Bill over the past fortnight and almost a lid kept on the much more significant Therapeutic Products & Medicines Bill.

Someone replied to my earlier email as follows:

“Hang in there. A few weeks ago I presented my submissions to the City Council re objections to a proposed development in Stokes Rd in Mt Eden Village. There were so many submissions against the proposal that the Council had to have more hearing time this year. New information came to light during this process so the proceedings were delayed again and the material was forwarded to all the submitters.”

If the Auckland City Council can allow more time for hearings
for a relatively small number of people, the govt. MUST do
likewise for an issue that affects an untold larger number of people!

The Clark government is determined to have this invidious Bill passed. If YOU think it’s no concern of yours, please think again. I never thought 25 yrs ago that I would be dependent on vitamins & herbs to maintain my wellbeing & health but medicine can only “offer” me very dangerous drugs with their terrible side-effects & the drugs don’t cure. As I was, you may well find yourself in a position of being in need of nutrients & they will not be available IF THIS BILL IS PASSED.

If you have never been a political activist – now is the time to become one. Please fax your letter of objection of the passage of the Bill to the leaders of NZ First, United Future & all the MPs of those parties. Ask them to please vote against the Bill. Faxes cost of course, but MPs must reply to them – they can & do ignore emails. Please also fax your own MP [& others] about the refusal of the Select Committee to allow time for submitters to speak to their submissions: this is NOT “democracy in action”!! I suggest you check with your electorate office – my MP is in W’ton but his electorate secretary assured me that if I faxed it to the electorate office, she would ensure my MP received it without delay. Thank you all. Isabel

Media Release from Sue Kedgley of the Green Party:

Therapeutic agency plans opposed

Green Party MP Sue Kedgley will make a submission to the Government and Administration Committee today, opposing the Therapeutic Products and Medicines Bill.

“If this legislation is passed, hundreds of natural health products will disappear from our shelves, and become illegal, even if they have been safely used for centuries and have been approved by overseas regulatory bodies such as the US Food and Drug Administration,” Ms Kedgley says.

“More than 700 ingredients that are used in thousands of products on sale in New Zealand, are not permitted under the Australian regime. So far only 75 of these have been approved by the proposed new regulator. Many will not be approved and will become illegal.

“Why is the Government seeking to restrict our access to natural health products? If it gets through our Parliament, are people going to have people being arrested for selling natural products like kawa kawa?”

So little is known about how the new agency would operate that the legislation is essentially a leap in the dark.

“All the details of how the agency will operate will be set out in rules and orders which will be adopted after the legislation has been adopted. This means that the select committee is being asked to approve an unprecedented new, off-shore regulatory system, when it has very little detail before it on how the system will regulate.

“We are being expected to pass legislation before it has even been introduced into the Australian Parliament, before we know any of the detail about how the agency will operate, or how many products will become illegal. It is madness.”

Ms Kedgley will present her submission at midday.

Sue Kedgley MP
Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

REMEMBER: to compose a brief letter of opposition & request to these MPs to vote AGAINST this Bill at it’s 2nd reading. If the Bill is passed at it’s 2nd reading, ALL IS LOST – FOREVER!

Brown MP, Peter Deputy Leader, NZ First Whip, NZ First list MP

Fax (04) 499 9108 Tauranga Fax (07) 578 6207


Donnelly, Hon Brian NZ First list MP

Fax (04) 472 9918 Whangarei Fax (09) 438 4082


Mark, Ron NZ First list MP

Fax (04) 471 2414 Christchurch Fax (03) 365 9284


Paraone MNZM, Pita NZ First list MP

Fax (04) 472 9918 – only fax # pita.paraone@parliament.govt.nz

Peters, Rt Hon Winston NZ First list MP Leader, NZ First Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister for Racing Associate Minister for Senior Citizens

Fax (04) 471 2042 Tauranga Fax (07) 578 6207


Stewart, Barbara NZ First list MP

Fax (04) 472 9918 – only fax # barbara.stewart@parliament.govt.nz

Woolerton, R Doug NZ First list MP

Fax (04) 499 0569 Hamilton Fax (07) 839 0483


Copeland, Gordon Whip, United Future list MP

Fax (04) 499 7266 – only fax # gordon.copeland@parliament.govt.nz

Dunne, Hon Peter electorate MP Leader, United Future Minister of Revenue Associate Minister of Health

Fax (04) 499 7266 Electorate office: Fax (04) 569 2232


Turner, Judy list MP Deputy Leader, United Future

Freepost Parliament

PO Box 18 888, Wellington [no fax #] judy.turner@parliament.govt.nz

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