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This is about a New Zealand archaeologist who will be giving three lectures starting April 9 at the Otahuhu Town Hall. Please let me know if you are interested in having him on your show. All the best,
Jon Eisen

Jonathan Gray
March 27th 2007

Part 1:

Part 2:

Archeologist Jonathan Gray described a variety of anomalous and ancient discoveries. These findings are evidence of a “super science and technology” that civilizations around the world once had but lost, he said. The ability to lift enormous weights through “sound waves” was documented in Egyptian records, as well as in Bolivia and India, and there was also a capacity to have lights that can burn for thousands of years, he detailed.

There’s a human civilization living today in ancient underground tunnel systems near the Andes in South America, he reported. Their tunnels use a sensor-like lighting system in which the lights grow brighter as a person approaches. Many of the tunnel walls appear to be glass, as though they were cut out, and a greenish radiating light helps to grow plants underground. Gray said he hopes to conduct an expedition at this secretive location.

Among some of the other reports he touched on– evidence of a Celtic visit to New Zealand 4,000 years ago, an ancient smelter for refining gold in Oklahoma, a man turned into glass crystals inside a subterranean chamber in India, a bullet hole found in an Egyptian mummy, and the discovery of 8-foot tall skeletons that were six-fingered and six-toed in New Mexico.

Jonathan Gray sent us a set of images to accompany his presentation, including the photo on the left, which he says shows a bullet hole in the side of ancient skull.

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