The United States of America vs. THE UNITED STATES
By Dhane Blue
April 5th 2007

The date is February 21, 1871 and the Forty-First Congress is in session. On this date in the history of our nation, Congress passed an Act titled: “An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia.” This is also known as the “Act of 1871.” In essence, this Act formed the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES. The government which was created for the District of Columbia via the Act of 1871 operates under Private International Law, and not Common Law, which was the law of the Constitutional Republic. The UNITED STATES government is basically a corporate instrument of the international bankers. This means YOU are owned by the corporation from birth to death. The corporate UNITED STATES also holds ownership of all your assets, your property, and even your children. With the Act of 1871 and subsequent legislation such as the purportedly ratified 14th Amendment, our once-great nation of Sovereigns has been subverted from a Republic to a democracy. The Sovereign People have been deceived for hundreds of years into thinking they remain free and independent, when in actuality we continue to be slaves and servants of the corporation. The United States Isn’t a Country – It’s a Corporation by Lisa Guliana


The United States of America was once described as the perfect example of a free society, or at least the ‘seed’ of one. Yet, not all of the world’s peoples would agree with this statement at present. Many of THE UNITED STATES’ flag-waving super-patriots would be surprised to learn that their behavior, seen from a perspective outside of their own ‘blinkered’ vision, is considered delusional at best and genocidal at worst. In fact, THE UNITED STATES is a crypto-fascist state with a secret government hidden from the People of the United States of America. This ‘secret’ government is a pathological corporate entity that has defrauded American people of their natural birth rights in the same way that European colonialists once robbed the original inhabitants of America of their very lives. A nation born in and drenched in the blood of a genocide enforced upon a ‘truly’ democratic native society deserves no better. What do THE UNITED STATES’ super-patriots believe?

The greatest of all illusions is the idea that a patriot exists to defend his Country. Whoever defines the word ‘Country’ can easily usurp the power of a patriot’s dedicated loyalty and turn them to ends that a true patriot would cry out against in horror. Note the attitude of many in America during times of war, or during the present post-9/11 silliness. Many are willing to lend their life energies to the genocide THE UNITED STATES has been perpetrating in the Middle East for the past 15 years simply because the shared mental image of ‘Country’ has been perceived to be attacked. Even worse, we are ready to do the same harm to ourselves once the opportunistic rulers give the command to do so. A true patriot defends the country in which he immediately lives and works in. This country is spelled with a little “c”, as in countryside. Taking care of one’s friends, families, and neighbors, as well as the land they all share that supports them, is the highest of all patriot duties. If the land area that you live on is free, happy and prosperous, then you have done your duty to the world, and no more is required of you. True Patriots by Patrick Mooney

If the land area that you live on is free, happy and prosperous, then you have done your duty to the world, and no more is required of you. I find fault even with this definition of ‘patriot’. Someone is still using words to define property rights – I disagree. The planet Earth belongs to ALL the People living here. It is the ONLY resource we ALL share. No one individual of the world’s population or any ‘elitist group’ of the world’s population has the right to more than an equal share of this finite resource. It is in the idea that someone does – in the idea of survival of the fittest and a Darwinian paradigm — that people become delusional. They buy into the idea that our planet has scarce resources and that they should be fought over. The planet Earth is about COOPERATION – this is the law of survival here! THE UNITED STATES is The Big Lie sold to the people of America who believe THEIR survival is dependent on the Darwinian delusion of reality. How do people discover this planet’s Truth and become free of The Big Lie? Well, that’s what we’re ALL here for, to learn ‘cooperation’ instead of ‘competition’.

Truth and Freedom

Freedom is a natural state of being for humanity. It has been part of life on this planet from the beginning of time. The force of freedom and liberty is part and parcel of life itself. It does not require a law to protect it nor a piece of paper to prove it. It is self-evident to people who experience it in their hearts and minds. If we burn a piece of paper that espouses freedom, does the experience of freedom disappear? Unfortunately, freedom of mind has become a rare quantity in THE UNITED STATES – it already has excised the human heart from its corporate body. What good is ‘freedom of speech’ when ‘freedom of thought’ is no longer exercised in American society? What has this society become? I would hypothesize it is nothing more than a corporate mind-controlled zombie – a modern day Frankenstein.

When society is itself the tyrant — society collectively over the separate individuals who compose it — its means of tyrannizing are not restricted to the acts which it may do by the hands of its political functionaries. Protection, therefore, against the tyranny of the magistrate is not enough; there needs (to be) protection also against the tyranny of the prevailing opinion and feeling, against the tendency of society to impose, by other means than civil penalties, its own ideas and practices as rules of conduct on those who dissent from them; to fetter the development and, if possible, prevent the formation of any individuality not in harmony with its ways, and compel all characters to fashion themselves upon the model of its own. On Liberty by John Stuart Mill

Many people believe that the idea of freedom was a new thought until recently. They believe it slowly grew over time, and was secured with pieces of paper, contracts between people who agreed to be bound by their rules and principles. People point to these contracts as proof of freedom in the world – the Magna Carta of 1215, the Declaration of Independence of 1776, the U.S. Constitution of 1789, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 that guides the doctrine of the United Nations. We should note that all the contracts were written by white people under heavy Masonic influence. These are the people who created the United States of America as an experiment in social engineering. They used the words of Orwellian ‘double-speak’ to hypnotize the masses of the emergent American society into accepting a contract that is null and void in Common Law. The people of the United States of America are still in a system of servitude and don’t even recognize it. This ‘servitude’ is a virtual Hell on Earth. The people of the United States of America were once Sovereign. Now, by their acceptance of The Big Lie — the ‘behavior’ they have been indoctrinated into – they have lost the experience of freedom to governmental mind control.

As a people we will never taste liberation, or live in a genuinely democratic society, until we free our minds (from governmental mind control). The open mind is not a conditioned (brainwashed) one. So long as we believe in the conditioning supplied to us by the institutions of our day, we will never achieve our full potential as human beings. That vast potential is no less than genius. As a species we use less than 10% of our mental capacities, and perhaps even less of our spiritual abilities, because of the faulty, culturally imposed beliefs we teach our children to revere. Our felt lack is learned (Pavlovian) behavior Restoring Power to the People by Matthew Webb

If the fraudulent contracts of THE UNITED STATES and the words constituting them are to be taken seriously, we, the People of the United States of America need to burn them. The paper and ink they are made of are worthless except as toilet paper because they don’t represent true self-government by the People. How can we, the People of the United States of America, let ourselves be reduced to something less than the Sovereigns we once were? In the same fashion, THE UNITED STATES is simply a legal fiction, a corporation – NOT a living being – put in place to control American society. How can we, the People of the United States of America, consent to partnership with such a a life-denying artifice, The Big Lie, that has taken over our society? The People of the United States of America need de-programmers to awaken from the cultural trance they’ve been placed into by The Big Lie. This is an internal revolution — an implosion. For those People awakened to this Truth, they only need to learn to live in freedom without governmental controllers. A return to self-governance at the local level of family and community means a return to communion within a ‘collective human soul’. It is an organic re-Constitution of a sane society.

The First Scam

During the era of feudalism throughout Europe there were three recognized ‘elites’ – the church hierarchy, the landed aristocracy or nobility, and the royal families. Society was run by these three ‘elitist’ powers, with competition amongst themselves, but there was never any illusion of democracy or freedom. For those ‘elitists’, freedom meant ‘Empire’. They considered it their natural right to play at the game of ‘Empire-building’. War was the sport of kings. The common people of that era, the serfs, had no say whatsoever over how their lives were governed. As feudalism ended, a fourth ‘elitist’ power slowly arose in European society – wealthy business people. They were interested in freedom for commercialism — freedom from the interference and control of the other three ‘elitist’ powers. By the time that Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, the common people were being sold the potential for a partnership with this fourth ‘elitist’ power.

Common Sense created in the popular Western mind, for the first time, perhaps, since the early Roman republic, the notion that government arises from the consent of the governed – that the People are the state. Paine was popularizing – and expanding the scope of – some of the radical ideas that had been developed by Enlightenment thinkers generally. He was concerned with promoting personal freedom, popular sovereignty, and – most particularly – creating an ironclad case for the legitimacy of a government based on the will of the People rather than on divine right or inherited dominion America and the New World Order by Richard K. Moore

Of course, the first scam is the idea that the People need government to have freedom. Even the emerging business elites were scammed — they saw republics (contractual government) as a better environment for capitalism. It was their new promise of freedom to play at Empire-building. Was their contract for freedom a play at being the Devil’s advocate – a dialectic with the Catholic Church? The American Revolution was their grab for power as these new elites offered the People a partnership in a new regime. The People were the manpower for the apparent overthrow of the old elites and were led on by the promises of liberty, equality, and a fraternity with the new elites. Thus, the American War of Independence was fought for the goal of Freedom – but, this word had two different shades of meaning – one for each class of people. The common populace thought it meant, primarily, personal freedom and popular democratic sovereignty. The business elites thought it meant commercial freedom to pursue capital investment uncontrolled by royal or divine authority. And, at the first Continental Congress of 1774, the business elites acted on that thought – as the members of this Congress were chosen from the ablest and wealthiest Americans, the upper class. These people definitely believed that the People who owned the country should govern it. Of course, everyone wants to own planet Earth – don’t they? But, who shall the ultimate ‘stewards’ be?

The American Revolution was a ‘kind of revolution’ (NOT a true revolution from the bottom up). Although there was some of the ‘rabble’ effect of the common people, as in the English Civil War, the American Revolution was obviously a revolt of American elites, as shown by the names that signed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution giving full citizens’ rights to white, land-owning men, and the fact that the oligarchy tried managing the ‘rabble’ from the beginnings of the American Revolution, and quickly took over the American political system. American Empire by Wade Frazier

America’s small farmers and artisans – the common people — resisted this vision of a ‘commercial empire’ dreamed up by the business elites. They had a taste of freedom and didn’t want to lose it. The common people’s vision of government was based upon their encounters with America’s original inhabitants – native Indians. A very rare minority of these common people were the brave pioneers who went ‘native’ and were exterminated by the ‘corporate’ European colonists for their choice. From 1781 to 1789, the United States of America was governed by the Congress delineated in the original Articles of Confederation. It was a government modeled after the Iroquois Great Law of Peace and the Iroquois Confederation. This Native American confederation was more democratic than any political system ever devised by the West (or the East). A decentralized system of government, it made decisions by consensus and very little power was ever invested in any one individual. The original Congress of the United States of America was the only branch of government. There was no separate Senate, no Supreme Court, and no President. There was no way to coerce individual states into agreement with the business elites nor was there a way to use force to put down rebellions – not hardly a prescription for play at Empire-building. American history, ever since this early period, has been a ‘see-saw’ battle for control between the common people and the business elites – both just pawns on a larger playing board. It didn’t take long for the business elites to serve a so-called ‘higher authority’ and implement The Big Lie.

The big question here is who or what did they serve? The country’s first president, George Washington, was one of U.S. history’s most successful criminals. While school children are still led to believe the silly story about a youthful George Washington chopping down a cherry tree, and proclaiming — I cannot tell a lie. I did it. — his entire career as President was a blatant negation of this familiar cultural myth. In 1782, as the dust was settling on America’s successful elite revolt (although the poor were drafted to fight in it); Washington presented a plan to the Continental Congress to defraud the Native Americans. It was a blueprint for theft and genocide. His plan was to compel Native Americans to sell their land by treaty. Then, (as apparently with ALL of THE UNITED STATES’ treaties since then) the treaty was not worth the paper it was printed on, and the tribes would be coerced to ‘sell’ their treaty-provided land and be forced ever westward. Of more than 370 treaties forced onto the native tribes by the United States during the succeeding century, historians cannot find even one that the United States honored. Washington was the architect of America’s Final Solution to the Indian Problem. Hitler later was deceived into adopting a similar German Final Solution to the Jewish Problem, partly, because he admired the American model.

Is it possible for a class which exterminates the native peoples of the Americas, replaces them by raping Africa for humans it then denigrates and dehumanizes as slaves, while cheapening and degrading its own working class – is it possible for such a class to create democracy, equality, and to advance the cause of human ‘freedom’? The implicit answer is, No. Of course not. Towards an American Revolution by Jerry Fresia

The truth is that America’s Founding Fathers were racist slave owners who committed genocide upon America’s original inhabitants to expand their ‘commercial empire’. They had been sold the freedom of playing at Empire-building and were the ‘new kids on the block’. Did they stop to read the fine print in their contract with the Devil? Is it any surprise that they defrauded we, the People, of the United States of America, at the first opportunity they had – the Constitutional Convention of 1789? The so-called original Constitution of the U.S.A. had no Bill of Rights. We, the People, had to fight the business elites for it. This elite-drafted Constitution was NOT written with the full blessings of we, the People. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1789 had agreed to secrecy because the majority of American people were against this new Constitution – they still identified with the original Articles of Confederation. They had no idea that the Constitutional Convention of 1789 meant to completely restructure their local form of self-government. There was wide agreement among the lower and middle classes that political power should be as close to the local level as possible. The original Congress established by the Articles of Confederation was only meant to settle disputes between states, where true local government was located. However, the business elites had decided to take over the government and make it serve their interests, not the People’s. The business elites were dependent on interstate and international markets. The game of ‘Empire-building’ was their freedom – NOT the freedom of family and community values opposed to their deal with the Devil of ‘Money as God Mammon’. The ‘Mammon worshipers’ wanted a strong military to force others to act in their – the business elites’ – interests. The Constitutional Convention of 1789 was the business elites’ first opportunity to stab the American people in the back. The business elites thought people of humble origins with parochial interests – family, faith and community – had too much power. These people had even used their local form of self-government to curb the business elites’ economic power and further expansion of their commercial empire. With the restructuring of the government by the business elites, they now had the power to rule over we, the People, of the United States of America. It was The First Scam.

Ours is a government which rests on the assumption that ‘the People’, especially when they become politically excited, interested, and alive, are thought of as subversive. But, we seem to prefer to protect our moral high-mindedness by permitting elites, virtually at every chance they get, to persist in the (Big) lie that it is ‘we the People’ and not ‘we the largest property owners’ who govern this country. Ideological managers would have us forget that the phrase ‘we the People’ borrowed from the Iroquois by the Framers (of the U.S. Constitution), and exploited, (‘We, the People, to form a union, to establish peace, equity and order …’), was taken from the Iroquois Treaty of 1520. (The greatest irony is that the Framers of the Constitution were committing genocide upon these same people, the Iroquois). Towards an American Revolution by Jerry Fresia

The Second Scam

In the aftermath of the American Civil War, the U.S.A. was bankrupt. With the assassination of Lincoln and the eradication of his government-printed money, the ‘would-be’ new royalist elites in the form of the international bankers moved in. These elites wanted to gain a stranglehold on America’s neck and institute their newest scam on we, the People, of the United States of America. It was their turn – the international bankers, this time — to take over the government. Congress had borrowed money from these international bankers – the Rothschild’s — but had no collateral for the loan. So, they made a deal with the Devil of ‘Money’, literally selling the collective soul of America in exchange for relative continued wealth and power for members of this treasonous Congress. This was achieved in the Act of 1871 that formed the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES. Owned by foreign interests, it was limited to the confines of the District of Columbia. This corporation acts in an economic capacity and its constitution, or legal definition of itself, was an entirely new document for the government of the District of Columbia. It has no authority except in private international law, not applicable in the states of America. How this new federal government stripped the states of America of their Sovereign powers is another essay. It is sufficient to surmise that The Second Scam succeeded. Members of Congress from that time onwards have worked for this corporation. They are NOT, we, the People’s, civil servants. All departments of this government outside of the District of Columbia are violating Common Law, the law of we, the People, of the United States of America. This scam, or fraud, has been given legs because there has been no full disclosure of facts to American citizens. The constitution of this corporation doesn’t benefit the United States of America as it operates outside of their original Constitution. It has taken the idea of government to a whole new level – that of the corporation as state. Instead of absolute rights of Sovereigns stipulated in the original Constitution, we, the People, of today, have been given relative rights and privileges if we want to participate in the pathological mindset of the corporate state. Our government, now a corporation, is no longer subject to the consent of the governed populace. How did the elites achieve this Act of 1871 without disclosure of the facts? Well, their contract was with the Devil of ‘Money’, not the People of the United States of America.

(We, the People) are presumed to know the law (of the Pharisees). (But), as a people, we are taught basically nothing about the law in school. Nor do our corporate government schools delve into the Constitution in any great depth. (We, the People) were not told that we were sold out to foreign interests and made beneficiaries of the debt incurred by Congress to the international bankers. For generations, American citizens have had the bulk of their earnings confiscated to pay on a massive debt that they, as a People, did not incur. The United States Isn’t a Country – It’s a Corporation by Lisa Guliani

In the United States, we, the People, have let ourselves become ruled by a ‘de facto’ unlawful form of government, a corporate body that ‘exists’ only in private international law. Despite the rhetoric and propaganda, a ruthless and authoritarian federal government has come to trample on the natural rights of the People, and many citizens, especially those that do not belong to the racial majority or do not fit into the corporate-capitalist model of society, are imprisoned for victim-less ‘crimes’ and lose both liberty and property. Far from being a model for the world of a government of a free people, the government of THE UNITED STATES is in effect a fascist dictatorship, such as the world has not seen openly since the 1930’s.

Ironically, it is the average American today who would denounce revolutionary patriotism as radical and dangerous. It is the average American who now doesn’t wish to be bothered by activism or talk of freedom, civil liberties or justice, because they are too busy making or maintaining their own empire of money. Most of our ‘patriotic’ citizens only value their own personal business, far more than they do such ‘radical’ causes as revolution or civil rights. These things they say, are better left to those ‘fringe’ and psychotic groups or individuals, who deserve to be arrested and imprisoned for threatening the safety of the status quo (American society’s Devil of ‘Money’ worshipers). Who truly cares about these issues today? Almost no one. Why? Because we no longer value, as a culture, the qualities of freedom and sovereignty which literally defined our nation. Let’s face it, the issues and values of the (We, the People, of the United States of America), just don’t compete with those of greedy consumerism and egotism, which fully permeate the modern world. What could be more important, after all, then making that next car payment or getting that new credit card? As a people we have become programmed to ‘consume’, obey and accept sheepishly, rather than to be bothered by independent thought or action. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death by Matthew Webb

Modern America believes that the people exist to obey and serve government. This attitude is due to the efforts of corporate propaganda and pseudo-education, based upon the elites’ desire for profit and mass-control. It is a symptom of greedy corruption based in anti-democracy. The fact of the matter is, government exists as an extension of the will of the People. When it does otherwise, it is no longer a government that should remain in place, for it has proven itself unworthy to represent we, the People, of the United States of America. In essence, America has exchanged the tyranny of kings for the tyranny of corporate C.E.O.’s. The faces and titles have changed, but not the same old issues of inequality and non-representation. As a matter of fact, there are extremely few people who would not literally jump at the chance to change places with the rich, even if this meant betraying family, friends and the cause of civil liberties to do so. From corporate president to peasant farmer or cashier, American society has become permeated with the rot of materialistic values, over and above those of freedom and human excellence. Until these values of worshiping Money as God (Devil) are changed, THE UNITED STATES’ citizens will remain the very oppressors and con artists for hire, whom were fought against by the Native Americans in the 18th century.

Rebirth of the United States of America The author of this essay has become a spiritual anarchist and is an American ex-patriate. This essay only addresses two of the many scams perpetrated upon the American People. I don’t want to belittle American culture and write about a ‘strike three’ for America. Even if it were to be so, that would only be an ‘out’ for one player on the American team. I no longer consider myself as a ‘pawn’ upon the playing board of the ‘Empire-builders’. For those readers interested in learning more about the eternal struggle for freedom, this author reminds them that the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ lies within – remember that implosion and not the explosions of 9-11.

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