Can A Permaculture Makeover save the Suburbs?

Public lecture by David Holmgren
Speaks at the University of Auckland
Room: Clocktower Lecture Theatre 105-039 (see map below).

6.30 – 9pm Friday 4 May 2007
$ 15.00 non- student $ 10.00 student

Can A Permaculture Makeover save the Suburbs?

Co-originator of the permaculture concept.

One of Australia’s leading environmental thinkers outlines the history, problems and solutions for retrofitting our suburban landscapes and lifestyle for the energy descent future of climate change and peak oil.
David challenges many of the orthodoxies and assumptions of mainstream urban sustainability with refreshing common sense about the world our children and grandchildren will inherit.
Beyond the grim prospects David leads us the through a exciting permaculture street makeover scenario that empowers us to start at home, connect with neighbours, creatively work around the obstacles without waiting for governments to show leadership.
Come to be informed, challenged and inspired that we don’t have to move to the country to become more self reliant and prepare for the energy descent future
Ask questions and connect with local groups and resources.

Contact: Betsy (09) 426-4909
Lynnemaree at (09) 3095970 ext727 email for more information.

Sponsored by Organic Farm NZ Auckland Region.
Representing Certified Organic Growers concerned about the future and sustainability of the Auckland Region’s future food

Room 105 off princes Street

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