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From A Grieved Citizen [who heard a talk between Jeff Rense and Alex Jones on the Rense Radio show].
The great show is here:

May the 26th 2007

I just finished listening to your most recent dialogue with Alex Jones concerning the coming police state.

I will tell you that I am a police officer and only recently began to understand what is going on here in the United States.

I was terribly igonorant of the United States Constitution and the precious freedoms and protections from an overreaching government.

I have seen and heard the quotes from people like George Bush (our Constitution is ‘just a goddamned piece of paper’) and Alberto Gonzales denying habeus corpus.

I have seen Homeland Security actually come into the police department which I work for and alter our radio and telephone communications systems so they can instantly take over in the event of some contrived national emergency.

It was easy to see that what happened in New Orleans was a test run to see how the American people would react to troops entering homes without warrants and confiscating firearms.

I work in a campus environment where the university has enacted ordinance statutes prohibiting anyone from possessing, “Dangerous weapons,” even though the university statute is in clear violation to the United States Constitution which every police officer swears to uphold.

I am sickened by a government that holds no regard for the sanctity of the privacy of the home and telephone conversations between parties who have a constitutional right to expect their conversation to be private.

I can see on the near horizon the end of the precious freedoms we have enjoyed as citizens of the United States. Every day that I can still get in my car and go for a ride without answering to someone is a great day.

To be frank, much of what I now see going on in law enforcement makes me sick to my stomach. Cops and federal agents operating like bullies with no regard to human or Constitutional rights, ofentimes to enforce petty and minor violations of law.

The city I live in is quite typical now here in the United States. It is so dangerous in the inner city here that you literally risk your life to get out of your car, go shopping, stop for a beer, etc.

The police are virtually useless with respect to effectively countering the sheer and utter violence that occurs here almost every day. The amount of violent and serious crime is so overwhelming that it staggers the imangination.

With that being said, I am astounded by what I see different big city departments allocating time and manpower for. Seat belt checkpoints, traffic light cameras, underage alcohol enforcement, on and on.

By and large, it looks to me like what is going on locally in law enforcement mirrors what is going on in federal law enforcement and in big government.

Common citizens are being conditioned and softened up to accept regular violations of their civil rights for the common good while the big time criminals get away literally and figuratively with murder.

I have had enough of this and am preparing to get our of law enforcement. I may even leave this country although it looks to me like there soon will be nowhere free to go.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for presenting the real truth about what is going on here in the United States and the rest of the world

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Clare Swinney

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