Giuliani Heckled, Booed By 9/11 Family Members



We Are Change confronts former New York Mayor for second time on cover-up of crime scene, WTC collapse foreknowledge and desecration of victim’s remains
Prison Planet | June 1, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

9/11 family members, firefighters and members of the activist group We Are Change confronted Rudy Giuliani for a second time earlier this week, as the former New York Mayor refused to answer questions about his foreknowledge of the WTC collapse and the desecration of the victim’s remains.

This extended footage picks up where media reports about Tuesday’s confrontation with Giuliani left off , showing leader Luke Rudkowski educating the media about the former New York Mayor’s criminal complicity in 9/11.

Watch the video.

Fellow members Sabrina Rivera and Matt Lepacek also tell the press gaggle about how Giuliani mandated the scoop and dump policy which led to victim’s remains being used to fill in potholes and also how the statement he had just given about having no forewarning of the collapse of the towers completely contradicted his previous statement to Peter Jennings made on 9/11.

WNBC later obtained the transcript from the Jennings interview and updated their story, clearly illustrating Giuliani’s deceit.

The video then shows the We Are Change activists being hassled and told to leave the property by a man who refuses to identify himself, after which the group are followed by an NYPD vehicle.

Arriving at the second event Giuliani was scheduled to attend that day, we witness 9/11 victim’s family members and firefighters protesting and giving media interviews about Giuliani’s scoop and dump policy as well as his involvement in the criminal cover-up of the toxic air scandal, which has led to debilitating and terminal illnesses for many of the heroes who were the first responders on that day.

Giuliani then exits the building to the sound of boos, catcalls and shouts of “you’re scum” from the We Are Change Group and the family members.

NYPD force the group and the family members to stand on the opposite side of the road but when an official is asked about it, he fails to cite the law that requires it and then claims “nobody forced you to stand over here.”

The group then approach Giuliani and ask him about Building 7 and the cover-up of the crime scene. Giuliani flashes his usual schoolboy smirk before stating “You’re not gonna stop me from signing this autograph.”

Giuliani’s security thugs start pushing the group away as one states, “You just smile like the crap you are.”

Giuliani is asked again why he refused to warn the firefighters that the towers were coming down when he had foreknowledge but quickly leaves, flanked by several of his goons. The group are again pushed and told to leave by Giuliani’s security detail.

The We Are Change group have been on fire in the past few weeks, getting in the face of Larry Silverstein’s security thugs, as well as globalists David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski. They have also recorded confrontations with Al Gore and John Edwards, both of which will be featured here in the next few days.

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