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Let’s face FACTS!

We have, for a long time, advocated the need for real reform of the current `debt based monetary system’ operated by the New Zealand Government at the behest of the many vested interests that have sought to use economics as a weapon to dispossess us of our lands, freedoms and wealth. I have read with interest the many articles and summaries put forward by those that wish to inform the people as to the true nature of the modern day banking menace and its disastrous consequences for us all. However, I have not as yet seen a satisfactory remedy to this issue and I believe that the structure and use of the current monetary system is the root from which so many of the public ills stem.

There are those that would rather have people attack the messenger, than have the people pay attention to the message. If you (the people of New Zealand) had a clear understanding of the real economics and mechanisms behind the current banking system, you would certainly not sit idly by and watch as our country is slowly and meticulously stripped away from beneath us while being plunged into irredeemable debt.

Throughout history there have been warnings as to the true evil of the current banking system and its ultimate slavery of the people. It is no surprise that countries like New Zealand (approx. $NZ135+ Billion in debt), Australia (approx. $A500+ Billion in debt) the United States (approx. $US 7+ Trillion in debt) among the majority of other nations, are so far in debt, that payment of those debts are an impossibility.

Now we shall discover why:

All money that comes into existence is “borrowed” into existence at a certain rate of “interest”. The problem with this is the fact that the “interest” component of these loans, is not created at the time of the loan, and therefore impossible to pay. Let us suppose the New Zealand Government borrowed $1Billion at a mere 2 percent interest rate from the Reserve Bank; they would then be liable for a total of $1 Billion plus the $20 Million in “interest” payments. In other words, the Government that had only been loaned the initial $1 Billion, will then have a shortfall of $20 Million on the due payment dates. That $20 Million does not exist and therefore will never be able to be paid. Usually the Government is forced to undertake certain “reforms” to satisfy the lenders (ultimately the World Bank, IMF and Bank of International Settlements).

That is not the end of the problem. Due to the Government’s inability to be able to pay the “interest” component of the loan, it then becomes liable for “penalty interest” on top of that “interest” and therefore further debt arises. How can a country so rich in resources, wealth, and ability worth hundreds of billions of dollars be so broke? -“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” – Mayer Anselm Rothschild, Banker – 1743 – 1812. This statement is very telling indeed.

Many so-called economic experts will tell you that New Zealand can trade its way out of debt and all we need is to have exports out perform imports and all will be rosy, yet this is another false statement. Most of the countries in the world operate the same banking system (debt-money) and have to compete with other nations to capture resources and market share that is all too often, becoming scarce; this ultimately leads to conflict with other nations, as they try to open new markets to service a debt that can never be paid. It is simple mathematics.

Have you ever wondered why a house that cost you $200,000.00 one year suddenly costs you approx. $450,000.00 five years later? Some will tell you that the housing market is experiencing a boom and prices are going up due to demand or some such (always some excuse other than the truth). The simple fact of the matter is that our currency is becoming devalued at a rapid rate as time goes on and therefore, you require more of our currency to purchase that same house. This is also true with everything else you purchase. After all, it took a certain amount of timber and other materials, labour and time, to build that house – so in actual fact that house will forever be worth what was needed at the time to build that house, and no more. The rise in prices is due to nothing more than the systematic manipulation of our currency.

Before people start to chant the old line about labour and materials costing more now than previously, that is easily dismissed, because again, this problem is due solely to the requirement of more money to service debt and living costs associated with the banking fiasco.

Let’s look now, at a few other aspects of this issue that adequately depicts the utter stupidity of those in the current and former Governments in this country. For example; Michael Cullen once told us that all we as a nation, had to do, was save our money for the future and rent in place of buying a home. There are two problems associated with this advice:


the more we save from the very little that we have left, after the wholesale extortion by the Government (both local and national), means there is that much less money flowing through the economy and therefore, the demand for products and services from the many businesses in New Zealand would cease and lead to more bankruptcies, closures, and losses of jobs. Less purchasing power for the people in this country means less demand, pretty simple really;


renting a home as opposed to buying one, means that any money we spend on the rent would effectively be dead money and not have any major economic benefit for this country. Mr. Cullen may say that the rent paid will be flowing through the economy, but when we look at the facts without his misleading and distorted opinion, we would see that the majority of those renting out their properties do so in order to afford the loan repayments made on the purchase of that property. Again, the only benefactors of this model are the bankers themselves.

Have you ever wondered why there seems to be an ever increasing necessity to tax and levy, or in some other way extort tribute from us to the point where we are barely living day to day? This is becoming common place for so many New Zealanders, yet denied by the very people that continue to push an agenda that is certainly not within the best interest of our nation. This is simply due to the position that the Government has placed itself in, that of course being one of servitude to irredeemable debt through borrowings from privately run/owned/controlled financial institutions.

When the New Zealand Government wishes to borrow money, the Treasury issues a “government bond” (I.O.U) to the RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand). Those bonds are then used by the Reserve Bank as security for the loans that are provided by the foreign private banking and financial institutions (the RBNZ beneficiaries). Anyone that has ever borrowed money from a Bank will know that you need “security” in order to borrow money. The Government is no different. The security used as a guarantee for those loans is the Government’s ability to tax you, the New Zealand people, for repayment, i.e. through the imposition of “income tax”. In other words they use you and your potential earning capacity as collateral.

Contrary to popular belief, the “income tax” component of the taxation we pay in this country does not get spent on beneficiaries, hospitals, roads, education or the like. It all gets paid on the loans that the government has borrowed in our name via the “Inland Revenue Department”.

Now surely, commonsense dictates that if a Government can issue a bond, then it can issue a dollar bill without being debt-based at the point of creation. However, enter the hoards of so-called economic and banking experts that then try to create the illusion that by doing this, we will plunge the nation into uncontrollable inflation. Of course many people have bought into this outlandish claim, but under scrutiny it rapidly becomes apparent to all that this claim holds no merit at all.

I have always wondered if countries like ours are so keen to help other nations that they deem to be economic basket cases, why they do not first, reform the monetary system in those countries as opposed to forcing economic reforms and subject them to irredeemable debt through loans. For any country in so much debt, to advise other nations how to undertake economic reform is laughable and boarders on complete madness.

The following illustration will comically show what a fruitless exercise our application of banking has become (leaving the interest component out of the equation until the end);

We all decide we are going to sit around a table and play cards, so we all borrow $1000.00 from our friendly banker and set our sites on striking it rich by out witting our opponents with our refined skills and poker-face. At the opening of each hand, we of course each place $1.00 into the centre of the table for the banker that loaned us the money and then the cards are dealt. As the game progresses some of us will be up in our money count and some will be down. However, every hand we play, we are giving the banker the $1.00 so if we continue to apply this method of cards, it will not matter how lucky any particular player is, because at the end of that game, the banker will end up with it all. He risked nothing in the game and did not even play a hand, yet there he is holding all of the money and to make matters worse, we are now all in debt to him with no way to pay because of the interest he charged at the time we borrowed that money.

So how do we pay the banker that which he says we owe when we have no means by which to satisfy the debt? Simple we must forfeit assets, property, or some other form of wealth to discharge the debt. Now imagine our Government playing such a game of cards using us as collateral for those loans. Not a pretty scenario, yet here we are, all in debt because we forgot how to count and relied on the so-called experts to take control.

But how could this continue to happen, surely the people would do something about it if what I am saying is correct, right? Wrong! The best way to ensure that there is no opposition with the ability to challenge the authority of those that control the finances of our nation, is to make any opposition dependant on that very mechanism for their survival, thus eliminating any possibility of an organised challenge to the status quo.

The problems with the current debt-monetary system is well known by many, yet very few have come up with viable solutions to this problem and those that have, are publicly ridiculed, in the hope that no one will listen to them for fear of being branded as a conspiracy theorist or some other quaintly termed phrase designed to silence voices and deafen ears.

Now, you would be forgiven for thinking that if we could only take care of that “interest” problem of the current monetary system, that all will be well. It won’t! You see there is yet another very damaging component of this sordid saga that needs to be covered and understood by all, and that is the issue of “foreign exchange”. We have all seen the market manipulators hard at work as the value of our dollar in comparison to all of the other controlled currencies goes up and down like a yo-yo. Of course they tell us that the reason for this is simply due to market forces and upcoming announcements of “Reserve Bank interest rates” – it is at this time I think the application of the famous Tui advert is relevant.

Many of us will have experienced this “foreign exchange” rort first hand, whether we travel abroad or seek to purchase goods and services from another country. We go into our local bank or other “foreign exchange” outlet and ask to convert our New Zealand currency to that of the country we are heading, or purchasing from.

Let us suppose for a moment, that we are wanting United States Dollars in exchange for our New Zealand Dollars; we hand them $NZ1000.00 and after the miraculous conversion process takes place with any applied “cash handling” fee, we receive on a good day say, $US670.00 – many will say at this point, yes but the US Dollar is worth more than ours. My reply to that is, how? When the US is more than $US7 Trillion in debt and New Zealand is only $NZ135 Billion in debt, how can their currency hold more purchasing power than ours? After all they haven’t got enough trees to make the notes to pay that debt; but that aside for a moment. If we then said, I have changed my mind, could I have my New Zealand Dollars back please, they would say, sure you can and after the applied fees, you will then receive less than you would have had should they not have charged you the fees in the first place.

So where did the money go when you didn’t actually use that currency to travel or purchase? Simple, they stole it! If you were then to continue that process and convert backwards and forwards between those currencies, you would end up with nothing left, and nothing to show for it. So I guess that is yet another problem we have to fix right? Right!

So, is that the end of the problems then? No! They are however, the major contributing factors.

OK, so here I am telling you some of the same things that many others have told you in the past, yet many of you didn’t want to know, or decided that the problem was either too big or too difficult to do anything about and besides, no one has come up with a way to address every aspect of this issue right? Wrong! There is a solution and put simply that solution is as follows;

Here is the solution that those “evil doers” (excuse the pun) do not want you to know;


We must take control of issuing of our own coin, credit and currency. These will no longer be subject to usury by foreign-controlled banking and financial institutions with vested interests in the manipulation of our currency (i.e. currency trading, foreign exchange and loan frauds). When we stop using `Crown’ issued currency our nation will achieve its financial freedom. To achieve this we must strip the Reserve Bank of New Zealand of its autonomy and run the affairs of the public purse from the New Zealand Treasury.


In order for our currency to have value, there must of course be a demand for it. To address this need, we simply make our new currency the lawful medium of exchange for all goods and services within the country. To stimulate growth within the economy and add further economically driven demand, the public Treasury can issue loans (at lower interest rates) to industry and individuals. Unlike the current system however, the interest component is created and paid out at the time the loan is issued and spent into the economy, via government public works and expenditure (roads, health, education etc). This means that the amount of money owed is equivalent to that within circulation so it is able to be repaid without ill-effect, and ensures inflation plays no part. This will mean an end to the forfeiture of our nation’s real wealth for imaginary and ultimately fraudulent debt.


We will no longer allow the international trade of our currency to avoid deliberate exploitation through devaluation and manipulation. This will ensure our nations future and wealth remains with the people, without the fear of the monetary system being used as a weapon to dispossess us of our land, resources, assets and wealth under the pretence of economic forces beyond our control, so often attributed to the theft.


A simple 1% transaction tax would easily replace ALL other taxes and levies and will ensure that businesses within our nation have the ability to compete on the world stage free from the concerns of high taxation, foreign exchange rate and market manipulation. It will also serve as a tool by which the economy can be stimulated in targeted areas to correct any shortfall, or held back if there may be a chance that too much is within the system.

I challenge any so-called expert in banking or economics in New Zealand to prove that what I am saying about the current banking system is false and to then provide evidence to back that claim. I will bet that no one will be heard from, and if they are, they will try to use language that only serves to confuse people rather than establish any fact in which to base their claims. Watch your nightly news business ramblings when they speak of global economics and its effects. Once you comprehend this information, the truth is apparent for all to see.

Who am I to think that I have the qualifications to speak about such things? I am one that has applied the most fundamental principle when requiring logical reasoning, and that is commonsense. I believe that we have a puppet New Zealand Government that is carrying out an agenda for their handlers and seek to destabilise society and divide it along certain lines to keep us focused on worthless issues when the real issue is so damaging to us, that to leave it unaddressed would be fiscal suicide.

Make no mistake about it, “money” has become the new international God, the banks its disciples and they care nothing about the needs of humanity. This corruption is reinforced up by our Politicians, Judges, Lawyers and Police as they seek to remove our rights, liberties and freedoms and replace them with what they deem to be licensed “privileges” that can just as easily be taken if we dare to challenge their authority.

Money was only ever meant to be the medium of exchange for goods and services at an agreed value, it was never meant to be the product itself, nor the tool by which we were all to be thrown into despair. Until we master and control the money, we will forever be enslaved to it and therefore those that control it.

Like it or not, we do not have a democracy in New Zealand, we have a CON-ocracy and it matters not who gets into Parliament from the mainstream parties, because the same issues arise time and time again, yet are never remedied. Why? Because they do not have the ability, the guts, or the commonsense to challenge the status-quo; if they did we would all be enjoying a quality of life where hard work, production, innovation and creativity are all rewarded and not penalised. I charge this and past governments with treason against the people of New Zealand for willingly allowing the enslavement of so many to the greed and vested interests of the select few.

I will leave you with a quote that bears thinking about as you digest what I have just revealed to you and that is: “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is The People vs. the Banks.” – Lord Acton, Historian, 1834 – 1902 – NOW is that time!

Kelvyn Alp

Party Leader

Direct Democracy Party – DDP

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