Arnold, ‘The Terminator’, Wears Deathshead on Latest Cover of TIME magazine

Schwarzenegger exposed as a willing exterminator for the global elite, again.

19 June 2007

The latest cover of TIME magazine shows Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing a deathshead on his belt buckle. This deathshead symbol was worn by Nazi SS Officers on their caps.
A film producer who chronicled his rise to fame as a champion bodybuilder in the 1970’s circulated a book proposal that quoted the young Mr. Schwarzenegger expressing admiration for Adolf Hitler.
It runs in the family. His Austrian father volunteered for the infamous Nazi SA and became a ranking officer.
“At that point, I didn’t think about money. I thought about the fame, about just being the greatest. I was dreaming about being some dictator of a country or some savior like Jesus . . .” Arnold told Rolling Stone in 1976.
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Clare Swinney

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