TV3 Thurs 8.30pm ‘What’s Really In Our Food?’


Dear Safe Food Campaigners,
Just heard: this coming Thursday 28 June at 8.30pm on TV3 the documentary ‘What’s really in our food?’ will be showing. It considers mostly additives, especially colourings, aspartame and MSG. An opportunity to see
yours truly and a number of others of you who were involved in the documentary.
Also, a sequel to the aspartame issue. Those of us who have been campaigning for years about this questionable additive are pleased there is
finally mainstream publicity on it. How sad it is that the Food Safety Authority sounds like they’re speaking on behalf of the manufacturer.

Below is an article that appeared in yesterday’s Dominion Post, and two links to the stuff website and TV3. We want to put a challenge to any consumers of aspartame who read this. Go without aspartame for a few days and see if
any symptoms you may be suffering from get better.
You can read our Auckland representative Chris Wheeler on aspartame on the Scoop website:
A TV3 link to their interview with Abigail, the woman who suffered from chewing sugar-free gum. There are also comments on it you can read.

Alison White
Safe Food Campaign

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