NZ: Direct Democracy Party On 9/11 Ripple Effect


As you may be aware, many conspiracy theories have emerged since the events in the US on 911. Many people have ridiculed and outright attacked any that would dare to suggest that 911 is anything other than claimed by the “official” line.
It is no great secret that I am one of those that subscribe to the notion that 911 was an inside job perpetrated to ensure the compliance of the masses, as an agenda is played out across the world. Some of the conspiracy theories are, even to me, pretty outrageous, while others I believe are close to the mark.
Either way, unless it is brought into the light of day and openly discussed between intelligent adults, we will never know; we will only continue to feel the effects of it.

New Zealand has adopted tough Anti-terror legislation that has stripped away our God given rights and freedoms; the question is why? What evidence do they have that would create the need for these measures to be taken? My submission to you is that there is none. What may be beyond the comprehension of many, will not be lost on the few. Please watch the documentary ‘911 Ripple Effect’ and you make up your own mind if we need to start asking real questions as one voice united, or if we will continue to be fragmented and therefore easily dismissed.

My eyes and ears are open; the next to open is my mouth.

Kelvyn Alp
Party Leader
Direct Democracy Party – DDP

Ph: +6427 286 8789

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