First 9/11 Truth Movement Protest in New Zealand?

This is written for those interested in what happened on September 11th –the day of our protest.

A group of about 15 of us met in Aotea Square between 11.00am and 11.35am. It was not a good turn out considering all the advertising we’d done, although the fact that many who wanted to come were working, did not help matters.
William Ryan, who’d organized the protest, began using his megaphone on the steps in Aotea Square at around 11.20am, but sadly his speeches regarding 9/11 being an inside job, were hastily interrupted by a mulish and belligerent security guard. Similarly, Jon Eisen and his partner Katherine, who were handing out the brilliant new issue of Uncensored Magazine, were advised by the same guard, that doing so was not permitted. To further remind us that we were now living in a communist country, six or so large police officers, stood adjacent the Auckland Town Hall building nearby, making their presence felt also.

Consequently, we headed onto Queen Street before midday with our signs, which included: ‘9/11 = INSIDE JOB’, ‘GOOGLE WTC 7,’ ‘PHYSICS PROVES WTC = DEMO JOB.’ William spoke well about the 9/11 deception on the megaphone for only a short time before two police officers approached him. Luckily, after a short discussion, these officers stood to one side and left us all in peace for the rest of the day.
At lunchtime, throngs emerged from the buildings and Antony, who was handing out pamphlets on the incontrovertible evidence that shows that 9/11 was an inside job, said he was surprised at how many people he spoke to were receptive to the information.
One who was not receptive however was Mayor, Dick Hubbard. As he was walking past us, William took the opportunity to ask him over the megaphone if he thought there should be a new 9/11 investigation. Mr Hubbard, looking sheepish and pointing at his watch, avoided answering and continued on his way down Queen Street.
We’d been advised that TV3 would include our protest on the 6 o’clock news if we got up to 20 protesters. Consequently, Katherine Smith, while doing her celebrated impersonation of Prime Minister, Helen Clark, tried to rally more support from those watching us, by advising them that they could get on tele if they joined us. Alas, in spite of these most colorful and entertaining appeals, we failed to attain the magic number TV3 required. Fortunately however, all was not lost, as Jon Eisen, who also spoke eloquently and with humour about the 9/11 fraud, was approached by a man who worked for TV3 and interviewed at 2.30pm for half an hour for Nightline, which aired that evening.

Although our number was reduced to only five at 2pm, we decided to continue and headed up to the TVNZ building on Victoria Street West. We put our signs up on the seats adjacent the front entrance and William and three others took turns speaking through the megaphone. As well as information which exposed that the official story of 9/11 was a lie, they advised the TVNZ staff that taking home a pay packet while disseminating lies for the US Administration put them in bed with the criminals.
After about an hour on this corner, during which time we were both abused and given the thumbs up by passersby, we walked around to the Nelson Street side of the building, to where TVNZ’s newsroom is. One of our group was a former TVNZ cameraman, so he was able to direct us to where the newsroom windows are, which thankfully just so happened to be on the ground floor. William brandishing his megaphone went into action a few feet away from TVNZ’s newsroom, while the rest of us held up our signs, including: ‘MASS MEDIA = MASS DECEPTION’ and ‘WAR ON TERROR IS A FRAUD,’ ‘EXPOSE THE 9/11 COVER-UP’ against their windows. We stayed there for about half-an-hour, during which time a TVNZ employee came out to talk with us. This man, who was casually dressed in a black t-shirt, told William that he agreed with what we were doing, as he knew 9/11 was an inside job and said that he wished TVNZ was able to let the public know the truth. He was the only staff member who came to talk to us.
As an anti-war protest was starting on Queen Street at 4pm that day, we headed back up to Aotea Square where William and the lads continued protesting on Queen Street, in conjunction with the new arrivals.
Although number-wise it was not a wonderful beginning for the New Zealand truth movement, as William pointed out, it’s a start and something we can build on.

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Clare Swinney

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