Loose Change: Final Cut has arrived.


Two days ahead of the original schedule, the long awaited final version of the film is now available to buy on DVD or download.

It is a completely new film and includes interviews with a wide range of experts.



Or go to https://infowars-shop.stores.yahoo.net/lochficut.html to buy the DVD!

Official extended trailer is here

This is a comment from someone on the Prisonplanet.com Forum who has just seen the film:
“Loose Change Final Cut is absolutely brilliant and a completely new movie than Loose Change 2nd edition, with a different structure, all new footage, more insight, and it’s very hard hitting. It has a lot of footage I never seen before and handles the information that I do know in a certain way that it makes the best 9/11 argument I’ve seen in any of the 9/11 documentaries. This movie shows both sides of the story and handles it masterfully. Certain facts have been left out that are in other 9/11 documentaries, facts that could be skewed by the main stream media to fool an uninformed viewer. The new footage fills those holes with information that can not be disputed or skewed in anyway and this makes it what I believe to be the definitive piece that leads to the imprisonment of the criminals involved in 9/11. This is the undisputed movie to make professionals who still naively hold on to the official story speak out.”

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Clare Swinney

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