Two Nazi Youth Kill ‘For Fun’. Bill Gates Might Know Why


Here are some new Gate’s games here: Link

November 13, 2007 (LPAC)–Detroit police arrested two young adults yesterday, for a murder which could have been taken out of the video game “Manhunt 2”. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said the two stabbed Daniel G. Sorensen to death, sawed off his head, and used a blow torch to burn his body, simply for the thrill of it.

“All of us have seen every type of crime available, and why someone would kill for the thrill of it amazes us,” Worthy told the Detroit News.

The two men, Alexander James Letkemann and Jean Pierre Orlewicz, both 18, murdered Sorenson with multiple knife wounds in the back. Worthy said, “They lured him into a garage where a space had been prepared to kill him.” A tarpaulin on the floor and liquid cleaners to remove blood stains were found afterwards. Then they took the body to a vacant lot and set it afire. Worthy called the murder “bone-chilling.”

In the video game Manhunt, players control escaped inmates of an insane asylum, on a killing spree which includes stabbing, hacksawing and setting victims on fire. The sequel, Manhunt 2, was released just last week and is, as they say, “now available in a store near you.”

Both screenshots are courtesy of Rupert Murdoch’s Without a website like Internet Gaming Network to promote the ‘Nuremberg’ video-games habits promoted by Microsoft and Bill Gates, how else would you train a mass-based fascist youth movement to carry out Nazi murders?

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Clare Swinney

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