Australian Propaganda: Kyoto stance hurt coalition: Turnbull

Anthropogenic carbon dioxide – representing only about 0.000019% of atmopshere – is not, never was and will never be a principal component of climate change.

Kyoto stance hurt coalition: Turnbull
Article from: AAP

November 26, 2007 09:25am

FAILING to ratify the Kyoto Protocol was one of the reasons the coalition took a thumping in Saturday’s federal election, outgoing environment minister Malcolm Turnbull said today.

During the election campaign it was revealed Mr Turnbull had tried unsuccessfully to convince the Howard cabinet to ratify the global greenhouse-gas emissions agreement.

Mr Turnbull, who announced yesterday he would contest the vacant leadership of the Liberal Party’s parliamentary team, said the outgoing Government’s position on Kyoto hurt the coalition in the polls.

“In terms of the environment, there is no question that there were some symbolic issues that hurt us,” Mr Turnbull told ABC radio.

“The ratification of Kyoto … was a very powerful symbolic issue.

“Mr Rudd is going to ratify the Kyoto Protocol … but the real issue, and this is the one that I’ve been talking about all year, is what do we do next.”

Mr Turnbull said the new opposition must ensure that Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd is not a “soft touch” at the next month’s Kyoto conference in Bali.

“Will they be tough at Bali because, if they’re not, let me tell you there are great environmental dangers for the world and Australia.”

“We need to be seen to be … absolutely committed to a sustainable Australia and we have to make sure that all of our messages are consistent on that line.”

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Clare Swinney

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