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Finally, the mainstream media is commenting on the chemtrails that we have observed for the past many years. Look up at the sky and decide for yourself whether clouds naturally form straight, parallel lines, or chequerboard patterns. It’s disconcerting when well-intended people dismiss the chem trails as contrails. Contrails consist of ice crystals that melt a few minutes after forming, causing the contrail to disappear, unlike the chem trails that spread across the sky to form cloud-like formations that then fall as a fine mist. Many people have tested the mist residue and found ethylene dibrombide, barium stearate and aluminum oxide, as well as genetically engineered pathogens such as mycoplasma fermentans (which causes pneumonia, bronchitis and even more horrible illnesses). Who could be doing this? Three guesses!

Subject: Chemicals and pathogens from military planes?

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“Chemtrails” are a phenomenon that has received plenty of attention on the Internet, but has only just broken into mainstream media. Chemtrails are unusual, linear cloudlike formations found in the sky, usually in the morning (apparently having been formed at night). Unlike jet exhaust streams, they do not disappear within a short time. They have been observed and photographed for a few decades (but apparently not before that). (You can look through old magazine and personal photos to check for them if you like.) There are claims that various tests have been done on chemtrail residue, revealing high concentrations of any or all of the following: various pathogens, barium, and other toxins. Repeated barium exposure is said to weaken the immune system. Below is a transcript of the TV news report, but the broadcast itself is better:

Note: Chemtrails are apparently not just a figment of a paranoid imagination; they are even mentioned by name in a draft of a 2001 House Bill. And there is plenty of documented evidence that the government has subjected military and civilian populations to chemical and pathogenic exposure in the past, without their consent or knowledge (see below). (Is this for “testing” purposes. Testing for what? These substances are already known to be harmful.) I send this notice out just so that you are aware of this issue and can decided for yourself how valid and important it is. — B. Brown

Chemtrails: Is U.S. Gov’t. Secretly Testing Americans ‘Again’?
November 9, 2007, KSLA-TV (CBS affiliate in Shreveport, LA)

Could a strange substance found by an Ark-La-Tex man be part of secret government testing program? That’s the question at the heart of a phenomenon called “Chemtrails.” “It seemed like some mornings it was just criss-crossing the whole sky. It was just like a giant checkerboard,” described Bill Nichols. He snapped several photos of the strange clouds from his home in Stamps, in southwest Arkansas. Nichols said these unusual clouds begin as normal contrails from a jet engine. But unlike normal contrails, these do not fade away. Soon after a recent episode he saw particles in the air. “We’d see it drop to the ground in a haze,” added Nichols. He then noticed the material collecting on the ground. “This is water and stuff that I collected in bowls,” said Nichols as he handed us a mason jar … after driving down from Arkansas. KSLA News 12 had the sample tested at a lab. The results: A high level of barium, 6.8 parts per million, (ppm). That’s more than three times the toxic level set by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. We discovered during our investigation that barium is a hallmark of other chemtrail testing. This phenomenon even attracted the attention of a Los Angeles network affiliate, which aired a report entitled, “Toxic Sky?” There’s already no shortage of unclassified weather modification programs by the government. But those who fear chemtrails could be secret biological and chemical testing on the public point to the 1977 U.S. Senate hearings which confirmed 239 populated areas had been contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969. Later, the 1994 Rockefeller Report concluded hundreds of thousands of military personnel were also subjected to secret biological experiments over the last 60-years. But could secret testing be underway yet again?

Note: This report breaks a veritable wall of silence in the major media on this disturbing phenomenon, which has been widely reported on internet sites. Here for YouTube “Local News Confirms Barium in Chemtrails.”

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