Kyoto Auditors, Kevin Rudd in Big Gunns’ Forest Racket

This is an open e-mail from the forensic economists at to Canadian Prime Minister, regarding Australia’s new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

After Australian voters selected Kevin Rudd, a former China
consultant with Kyoto auditor KPMG as their new prime minster, Reform BC is thanking Stephen Harper for his decision to keep Canada out of the anthropogenic-CO2 emissions racket.

Open e-mail sent November 27, 2007 to:
Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper

From: Reform Party of British Columbia

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

Re: Kyoto Auditors, Rudd in Big Gunns’ Forest Racket

After Australian voters selected Kevin Rudd, a former China
consultant with Kyoto auditor KPMG as their new prime minster, Reform BC wants to thank you for your decision to keep Canada out of the global anthropogenic-CO2 emissions racket.

Our research indicates Maurice Strong, godfather of Kyoto and the Carlyle Canada private equity group, uses Mr. Rudd and KPMG
partnerships as cut-outs (‘trusted intermediaries’) to extort companies with fraudulent carbon-credit and default swaps.

We note, by way of example, that KPMG auditors are able to
conceal Kyoto-friendly loan covenants and/or collateralized debt obligations (‘CDOs’) in the lines of credit used by such companies as TimberWest in western Canada or Gunns Limited in Tasmania.
(Excerpts from the Gunns 2006 accounts in Notes below).

Our advisors tell us that Gunns has been set up with spurious claims from KPMG auditors or politicians, including Kevin Rudd, who are alleging Gunns’ directors are defaulting on Kyoto loan covenant by failing to convert old-growth forests into plantations and thereby sequester enough CO2 to prevent climate change!

Such a KPMG-contrived default would trigger a fraudulent swap
with Gunns handing over assets to creditor banks, insurance companies and union pension funds to be shared as kickbacks
among private-equity groups and corrupt politicians.

We have accused Maurice Strong of structuring Kyoto as a global protection racket with carbon credits given or promised to hired assassins, saboteurs and arsonists, coordinated through Carlyle Canada’s Radarsat surveillance system.

Kyoto frauds – “The risk of companies selling the same credits several times over. Under the Kyoto mechanism, carbon credits are tracked through the UN’s International Transaction Log, which records every purchase or sale. When companies are buying credits for offset, the credits should be “retired” and not used again. But on the voluntary market, there is no central register, so unscrupulous companies could “double count” or sell the same credits more than once .. Carbon Neutral Company .. employs KPMG to audit its carbon credit accounts”

Reform BC is repudiating the Kyoto scheme and all of its manipulated, fraudulent and racketeering derivatives. We are also helping the public understand that anthropogenic CO2 – representing only 0.0019% of the atmosphere – is not and never will be a principal component of climate change.

Yours sincerely,

David Hawkins, Leader 604-542-0891

cc: The Honourable Gordon Campbell
Premier of British Columbia, Box 9041, Station PROV GOVT
Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 9E1 Phone: (250) 387-1715
cc: Ron Gamble, President 604-980-7779
cc: Darcy Rezac, Managing Director Board of Trade 604-641-1255
cc: Rick Schneider, Economist, Fraser Institute 604-688-0221
cc: Media

Notes: “Kyoto Auditors, Rudd in Big Gunns’ Forest Racket”

[Gunns Limited] 20 Largest Shareholders as at August 2006

“Shareholder – Number of Shares held – % of Capital Held

1 National Nominees Limited 38,411,094 11.33%

2 J P Morgan Nominees Australia Limited 36,002,845 10.62% [Carlyle affiliate]

3 Westpac Custodian Nominees Limited 30,558,441 9.01%

4 RBC Dexia Investor Services Aus. – PIPOOLED Acc. 23,979,256 7.07% [Carlyle affiliate]

5 Cogent Nominees Pty Limited 14,944,424 4.41%

6 Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 12,558,223 3.70% [Carlyle affiliate]

7 Tasman Asset Management Ltd Tyndall Australian Share Wholesale 11,800,856 3.48%

8 RBC Dexia Investor Services Australia – PIIC Account 8,473,731 2.50% [Carlyle affiliate]

9 Mr John Eugene Gay 8,246,436 2.43%

10 ANZ Nominees Limited Cash Income Account 4,741,565 1.40%

“Independent audit report [by KPMG] to members of Gunns Limited Scope The financial report, remuneration disclosures and directors’ responsibility .. comprises the income statements, statements of recognised income and expense, balance sheets, statement of cash flows, accompanying notes 1 to 37 to the financial statements and the directors’ declaration set out on pages 31 to 85 for both Gunns Limited (the “Company”) and Gunns Limited and its Controlled Entities (the “Consolidated Entity”), for the year ended 30 June 2006.”

Kevin Rudd – former China-Kyoto consultant with KPMG “Kevin Rudd .. July 23 .. support logging old-growth forests in Tasmania .. Gunns Ltd $2 billion pulp mill project proposed for Tamar Valley, north of Launceston .. environment groups accused ALP of caving in to .. forestry division of Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and allowing it to dictate ALP policy .. Cooperation between bosses and union’s officials however appears to run much deeper than this. Tasmanian CFMEU forestry division secretary Scott McLean .. acknowledged union accepted money from timber industry to help fund court case in Victoria concerning stand-off in 1999 between timber workers and protesters that took place in the Otways forests, south-east of Melbourne”

Kyoto threats to ‘climate deniers’ – “Ottawa, Canada .. we’re ashamed of Canada’s climate crimes .. Thanks to our activists, we also helped expose Canada’s inaction on global warming around the world. From CNN to Paris’s Le Monde newspaper to Croatia and Bulgaria, stories ran about putting Prime Minister Harper under house arrest .. Before the federal budget was presented to Parliament, Greenpeace activists today put Prime Minister Stephen Harper under house arrest for climate crimes. Early this morning, Greenpeace activists padlocked themselves to the gates of 24 Sussex Drive, preventing the Prime Minister from going to work to undermine the Kyoto Protocol. Banners branded Harper a “climate criminal”.

“TimberWest Forest Corp .. largest owner of private forest lands in western Canada .. fee simple approximately 334,000 hectares or 825,000 acres of private timberland .. annual average harvest of 2.594 million m3 of logs .. approximate annual growth rate of 8.0 m3 per hectare per year on productive land base .. TimberWest runs fully-contracted harvesting operations .. almost 80% of Company’s annual private land logging done in second-growth stands, TimberWest leads Coastal industry in growing and harvesting of second-growth timber. Company’s independent auditor, KPMG Performance Registrar Inc., periodically certifies .. Company’s .. meet all Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) requirements .. harvesting integrated with environmental and conservation goals for soil, wildlife, water quality protection, conservation of biodiversity, protection of special sites and aesthetics in a manner that ensures a sustainable harvest over the long-term.”

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