TV1’s ‘Rapid Response’ – Trying to Incite Fear?

Who saw ‘Rapid Response’ on TV1 about the white powder that post office staff believed to be anthrax? This Starfish production was yet another example of the corporate-controlled media trying to frighten unsuspecting members of the public as a means to empower the New World Order, in my opinion.

For those unfamiliar with their political strategies, New World Order protagonists often use a “problem-reaction-solution” strategy to bring in their unpopular agendas. Power structures use this method to fool entire nations into their systems of control. The best way to direct whole populations is to be both the master of the problem-making and the so-called “solution.” Power structures routinely create “terror” events, then present a solution to save the day. The people want saviors. They want to be saved and this is exactly the game we’re seeing being played out in “terror” events in the world today. The anthrax attack after 9/11 came from a US government facility, it did not come from bin Laden or the Taliban. Link

‘Rapid Response’ included a number of scenarios, but the one given top billing was the supposed anthrax attack. A white powder was found at the Mount Eden Post Office and the TV program implied that there was a genuine possibility that here in New Zealand terrorists could attack using what is known to be an effective biowarfare weapon.

A shaken female postie, who had ungone an uncomfortable 10 minute cold shower, said on the show: “We have world events like 9/11 and I guess it makes us all realize how vulnerable we can be. So, until then we didn’t have too many concerns..the way the world has become a terrorism lab, it touches us all at one stage.”

The question is how it touches us and whether or not we buy into this contrived nonsense that is being used throughout the world to aid the rapid rise of fascism.


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Clare Swinney

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