Global Warming Really About Global Government

The Scam of Global Government Evident in International Tax Proposal
By: Jay Dyer
Global warming
It’s been out–totally mainstream, out in the open for several years, that global warming is really about big business: big green business. The tree-huggers involved in this are completely unaware of real environmental issues, like Depleted Uranium being dumped in our oceans. Instead, the granola-bar chomping, pseudo-hippies think that the real problem is no longer merely fossil fuels and coal use–now, the problem has arisen to a new level: its humans. Because carbon is the basis of all life-forms that we are aware of, a global carbon tax is precisely the most ingenious scam that could possibly be cooked up. Back in 2001, the U.N. was speaking of a mandatory, international carbon tax on all oil, as the U.N.’s own website stated. The U.N. connected “Renew Africa” website continues in this article:

“Globalizing decision-making

Existing international bodies, “largely designed for the world of fifty years ago,” are no longer equipped to address problems arising from the growing interdependence of nations, the panel stated. There are no satisfactory means of dealing with global economic “shocks” and no effective way to ensure that all voices are heard. “Global economic decision-making has become increasingly concentrated in a few countries.”

The panel called for the creation of a global council to lead the international community “at the highest level” in managing today’s global issues. The council would be more broadly based than the Group of Seven industrialized countries or international financial institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Its decisions would not be legally binding, but it should have the political clout to promote development, encourage major international economic organizations to improve their policies and build consensus for resolving global economic and social problems. The panel recommended that the UN convene after next year’s Mexico conference, a “globalization summit” of heads of state to decide on the shape and status of such a global council.”

Did you get that? The previous United Nations’ models of control designed decades ago were not enough. No, now we must have enduring structures of Global Government control: how could it be any clearer? Of course, no one has a say-so in this besides the elites. It’s already here, totally mainstream, totally documented. This paragraph of the article is referring to the need of a Global Council established to tax all fossil fuels under the guise of saving the environment. That was seven years ago: now, just two days ago, on December 15, 2007, as the United Nations reports on its own news outlet, the Bali Conference met to renew Kyoto and take the phony war on global warming to a new level. That “council” mentioned seven years ago is already here. The United Nations Climate Change Conference convinced officials of 187nations to agree to “launch a two-year process of formal negotiations on strengthening international efforts to fight, mitigate and adapt to the problem of global warming.” Again, this includes an international tax.

Thus, our Gore-worshippers falsely attempt to give the impression that you owe the state-not the nation-state, but the self-appointed world government of the U.N., for the use of fossil fuels and, as we see now, the “right” to have a child. What a lie! The United Nations webpage is splattered with nothing but fuzzy pictures of children and empty phraseology about “human rights.” Yet, plans are already underway to use Global Warming to enforce a one child policy here in America, modeled after China! Yes, the Chinese-Rockefeller praised and designed, one child policy of China is already under way here, as Reported in Reuters earlier this year–all under the guise of “Global Warming.” Communist China was, in fact, praised at the Bali Conference. As Reuters reported in the above linked article, “population has not been taken seriously enough in the climate debate,” said Chris Rapley, incoming head of the Science Museum in London. He favours a greater drive for education about family planning to avoid unwanted births and slow population growth.”

Harvard Science online journal noted in a 2004 article that China’s one-child policy is “effective” and has given surviving children of that policy since the 1970’s a “good education” and “economic advantages” that would not have occurred otherwise. So, the ends justify the means: killing children and harvesting organs is viable, since others will have more money and more stuff. This is where we have come: Global Government is now here.

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