NWO Preparing for take over in US: Gun ban in pipeline


By Clare Swinney

The New World Order is preparing for a take over in the US now, according to radio show host and filmmaker, Alex Jones. They have been training police in secret for two decades to go from door to door and take peoples’ guns off them. Also, the guns laws are up for review and gun bans are in the pipeline. Refer: Link

The school shootings in the US were not what they seem. They were sophisticated set ups that are being used to legitimize taking peoples’ guns off them. For example, refer: Link

Remember, gun ownership is a protection against political tyranny.

If this news sounds unreal, this is in part because the mainstream media has completely deceived the public about US politics and the Bush family. The Bush family are not Christians. President’s George Bush grandfather, Prescott Bush, helped the Nazis, and his reasons for doing so weren’t solely related to business.

George Bush Snr’s Unauthorized biography is in free e-book form here.

For up-to-date information, listen to Jones live at www.infowars.com. The 3 hour show is on a refeed loop, so if you miss the first one, you can pick it up later.

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Clare Swinney

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