China Considers War Against U.S.A. Over Earthquake “Attack”

by Hal Turner Sources

Photos prove 90 Million Watt, Pulsed, Long-Wave, Radio Waves from HAARP array in Alaska, combined with Pulsed Microwaves from a US Military Satellite in orbit, caused Chinese land to “resonate.

As the land began resonating, it’s own movement tore itself apart, causing the massive earthquake

Photos from Tianshui city, Gansu province, China — the city near the epicenter of the quake — show strange cloud patterns a full two days BEFORE the quake hit. The cloud formations can be seen breaking apart in patterns indicating they were being hit systematically with something from above.

The clouds were being affected by the two sets of radio waves. As the waves pounded down from the sky, the clouds broke apart in very orderly fashion; proving that something from above (other than wind) was affecting this specific area of China.

Some clouds, shown below, even contained their own Rainbow!

So that you can feel

comfortable that none of these photos have been tampered with for effect, below is video showing the rainbow clouds as they developed over the area. You can see the clouds moving. As they move into the area being pounded by high-powered radio and micro waves, the clouds develop the internal rainbow. As they drift out of the high-powered radio and microwaves, the rainbows disappear. This ought to provide some level of corroboration of the still images and make clear to everyone that something was coming down from above, which caused this

The “long wave” attack originated from the HAARP array in Alaska. These extremely long radio waves were pulsed slowly and traveled deep underground when they hit. The much smaller, pulsed microwaves from a US military satellite, pulsed at a faster rate and, because the wavelength is so much smaller, they did not penetrate deeply into the ground.

Long, slower, waves hitting deep;

Shorter, faster waves hitting shallow.

The deep rock began to resonate at one frequency (tempo) and the surface rock/dirt began to resonate at a different, faster rate.

The two separate rates of resonation caused literally BILLIONS of tons of dirt and rock to begin subtly, gently, almost imperceptibly slapping against each other within the ground!

With all that weight hitting itself it wouldn’t – and didn’t – take long for a key geological lock to be crushed, allowing a sudden movement of a large land area underground, which was felt as a massive earthquake at the surface.

Lest you think that radio waves “can’t cause anything to move” consider your microwave oven. Using as little as 500 watts, microwaves traveling through food “excite” the molecules within the food. The molecules start rubbing together. The friction of the molecules bouncing off each other causes heat. The heat cooks the food.

Now, take that same proven technique and multiply it to ninety million watts, pounding down on a particular area for at least two full days. Do you see how that amount of energy, pounding down relentlessly for at least two days, might cause the molecules inside some rocks to start moving? As the first rock molecules start to “excite” they bounce into other molecules causing not only some heat but in this case tiny vibration. As the vibrations spread to other rocks underground, they too start to vibrate.

What’s that you say? You STILL don’t believe that radio waves could affect earth and rock in a way to cause any kind of vibration? OK, I will offer you a final real-life example: Avalanches.

As most of us know, something as small as a sneeze can cause an avalanche. To prevent avalanches, Park Rangers and Ski Slope managers do what? They detonate a single stick of dynamite to cause a “shockwave that spreads” causing a chain reaction that causes hunddreds of millions of pounds of rocks, earth or on ski slopes, snow to . . . . move.

Back to the China earthquake, when several hundred billion tons of earth and rock start to vibrate, even impercetibly to humans, the enormous weight of that small vibration packs a gargantuan wallop. All it takes is for that wallop to act upon a weak point, crushing it, which then allows a tectonic plate to move. . . . maybe an inch. When billions of tons of rock and earth suddenly moves one inch,the resulting shockwave is felt as a HUGE earthquake.

Humans, surrounded by a buffer of air and subjected to local noise from traffic, airplanes and everything else we hear in a typical day, could not hear or feel the subtle slapping underground. Frogs, however, could feel it and hear it.

As their watery environment filtered out all surface noises and as the water itself carried the vibrations from underground, the minute slapping caused by the radio waves probably sounded like a gigantic bass drum beating all around them. Scared, disoriented or just driven nuts by this terrible sound (to them), tens of thousands of frogs came out of the waters around the city!

Initially, average people and even meteorologists in China, thought this was a natural phenomina — until the earthquake struck the exact same area. Then the folks there started putting two and two together: China was attacked!

This attack was deliberate and it was done to teach China a lesson: OBEY the “New World Order” or China can be destroyed with a weapon that cannot be defended against and which leaves no forensic evidence to PROVE the quake was deliberate.

Understandably, the Chinese government is furious. They and their people have paid a huge and terrible price so that some New World Order douchebag could “send them a message.”

As of May 28, 18 days after the massive earthquake, the “price” the Chinese people have paid (so far) is:

68,516 dead
365,399 injured
19,350 missing

While the human cost was steep, the financial impact of this attack will surely total in the hundreds of billions, perhaps even trillions of dollars.

Sources now tell The Hal Turner Show that China is not going to allow this to go unpunished. They are considering a retaliatory attack. It may be a strike against the HAARP facility, it may involve the shoot down of a satellite, it may just be an economic attack – dumping their $1.3 TRILLION in US Dollar currency reserves, which will devalue the United States Dollar overnight, crushing the US financially.

Such an economic attack would serve two purposes: It would be proper retaliation AND, it would impede US military dominance. With a wrecked economy and worthless currency, the US would no longer be a superpower, paving the way for others to gain worldwide dominance. Whatever form the retaliatory strike takes, rest assured this is going to get ugly. . . . fast. The worst part, however, is that once again, our Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) has done something which the average American citizen did not – and NEVER would – approve. Yet it is we average Americans who could end up as cannon fodder if a fight breaks out as a result of what ZOG has done – again.

We citizens need to wise up and “alter or abolish” our federal government by any means necessary. Our government has become “destructive” of our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pussuit of happiness, not to mention having just slaughtered yet another batch of foreigners without cause.

If We The People do not rise up and put a dead stop to our Zionist Occupied Government, the rest of the world may have to.


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