Water Running Car Gets 100 Miles To The Ounce

"I’m getting 100 miles to the ounce on water," inventor Anthony Brown said.

Brown said he shut his fuel injection system down and created the system that can use any type of water with a small amount of gas. He said the car is getting just fuel vapor.

"When you separate the water from the oxygen from the hydrogen, it cooks and it cooks down to a brown," Brown said. "We’re not having any waste product off of it. Everything is consumed and burned."

Local 6 showed video of Brown filling up his vehicle with water and then driving around.

Brown said any profit he makes from his invention will go toward helping missionaries around the world.

"I’ve just been asking for a way, for the Lord to show me to raise money rapidly and I started to working on this idea," Brown said.

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Clare Swinney

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