Evidence Of Intelligent
Manipulation Of The Sun
By Ted Twietmeyer

This is one of those unpleasant discoveries with implications that stagger the imagination. Over the course of three days, a complex repeated variation in solar X-ray measurements and electron output was found. Although complex variations of electrons and X-rays are very common with our Sun, what is not common is a duplication of X- ray flux and electron flux variations over the span of three days. This is practically unheard of. Our Sun generates extremely complex, ever changing waves of energy and magnetic fields that interact with one another in ways not fully understood. Rarely do these variations repeat themselves, especially over three 24 hour periods.

In the following chart (Fig. 1) we see a three day span during which via the GOES 10 satellite measures X-ray levels every five minutes around the clock. I took the complex variation of X-ray levels in Fig. 1 and stacked a copy of the plot for each day one above the other (see lower left corner in Fig. 1.) I then drew dashed vertical light blue lines to show identical changes for various X-ray flux events. Specific X-ray levels were found to repeat at the same time each day:

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