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By the time you read this, General Bert Stubblebine and I will be in the air, winging our way to Geneva, Switzerland where the 31st Session of the annual Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) will take place from June 30-July 4, 2008.



We will attend the sessions as “Public Observers” since Codex has refused to admit Natural Solutions Foundation to Observer Status, claiming that they already have a “Health Freedom” organization as an Observer. Hmmm. First of all, that means that the other organization is obligated, under Codex rules, to invite us to participate in their delegation (they do not do so, of course) and second, since Codex attacks us openly, it is clear why they do not want us to attend: we are effective at exposing what the real game at Codex is. Of course they do not want us there, let alone on the inside!



In fact, their attacks are real compliments: if we were no threat to the destructive order of the day, they would welcome us. Instead, for example, the US Delegate, FDA’s Dr. Barbara Schneeman, decided that it was a good use of her time to tell delegates from the developing world that if they had questions, they should not go to me or the Natural Solutions Foundation, but rather come to her, Dr. Schneemann, since we might “distort answers”. We think, instead, it is our Constitutional Right to “speak truth to power…” for YOU! Certainly, the US Delegate has shown she does not speak for you.



So, as I said when Dr. Claude Moshe, CAC Chairman, attacked us by name from the podium 2 years ago, “Thank you for your confirmation that the Natural Solutions Foundation analysis and strategy is, as they say, ‘Right on the Money!'”



Getting to Codex requires your financial support.



Your generous donations make it possible for us to attend this meeting. And you make it possible for us to travel to meet with the leaders of the developing world so that they know what their options are to protect their food, their people’s health and, increasingly, resist the onslaught of unlableled FrankenFood and Franken Seeds.



Please help with your generosity!




The carefully engineered “food crisis” is being used to push weaponized food, that is, Genetically Modified (GM) material masquarading as food, forward. Once again, the contentious issue of unlabled GM food is on the table. It is illegal to label GM foods here in the US (!) The US wants the same dangerous practice to become the international standard and the developing world does not.



There will be ‘blood on the floor’ when this issue comes up at Codex.



The African countries – and you – remember the heavy handed international bullying the US pulled on South Africa when they submitted an excellent document ( making it clear that International Law and Codex texts MANDATE the labeling of GM food!



After the paper was submitted at the Codex Committee on Food Labeling (Ottawa, 2008), the US called Pretoria and demanded that the sovereign government of South Africa withdraw the paper. It was, you see, a VERY GOOD paper! I can only imagine the distress of the US Delegation member from Monsanto (no joke: Monsanto and other industry representatives have a seat on the US Delegation!)



The outrage of the African nations was, as you might expect, tremendous. They convened two special meetings to determine their policy course in the face of this behavior by the US Biotech conglomerate.



They are, correctly, determined, to keep these dangerous foods – and seeds – out of their nations. the US is determined that they will not succeed. This is worth watching, since lives and the integrety, perhaps the survival, of the entire bioshpere hand in the balance. You, of course, will have a ring-side seat at the bull fight because Natural Solutions Foundation will be there, live, reporting on the plays and players.


How Do I Find Out What’s REALLY
Happening at Codex?



This year, because Natural Solutions Foundation is known and trusted by so many information sources, we will be sharing our observations and information through the following sources:



1. Daily Health Freedom Blogs: Visit our home page, or and click on the “Health Freedom Blog button on the left hand side of the page. The newest entries are our blog reports from CAC 2008.



2. Jeff Rense Show: Listen live to a special 2 hour report on the Jeff Rense show, 8-10 PM Pacific Time, July 2,



3. Alex Jones Show: Listen live on the Alex Jones show, Thursday, July 3, 2 PM Central – special Video Report,



4. Darryl Clark Show : Listen live on Progressive News Weekly between 10:05 AM and 10:45 AM EDT Thursday, July 3 at



5. Natural Solutions Magazine (formerly Alternative Medicine Magazine) has asked Natural Solutions Foundation to provide special Dispatches from the Field, initiating our new, and special relationship. You’ll hear more about that in coming blasts and we’ll let you know where to click to read these special reports. After all, Natural Solutions Foundation and Natural Solutions Magazine have the same focus: identifying issues that threaten our health and freedom and making sure that the best natural solutions are widely available for you.



The Valley of the Moon Eco Community Demonstration Project



You probably are already familiar with the International Decade of Nutrition or IDN – – a daring and innovative project of the Natural Solutions Foundation.And you may know that in addition to new technology applications to totally eliminate the need for pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and other dangerous chemicals (like our two projects in Benin, West Africa), the IDN is setting up a farm and farm school to help farmers return to sustainable agriculture without dangerous chemicals. This remarkable project will be sited in the lush and beautiful, temperate and delightful Chiriqui Highlands of Panama. In fact, we are creating a sustainable Eco Community there in a fertile valley we have decided to call by its original name, “The Valley of the Moon”.

Why should you care about the Valley of the Moon Eco Community and why should you donate money to establish and sustain it? Because the Valley of the Moon’s agriculture (perhaps even its social structure) are models that may well shape the future of the healthy survival of the people of this planet, including you.

The Boards Trustees and Advisers of the Natural Solutions Foundation have made a decision to permit our supporters to become sponsoring members of the Valley of the Moon Eco Community (VOTMEC) and Demonstration Project in Panama. This decision will open the doors for both donations (tax deductible) and special participation in the project.

VOTMEC is located in the Chiquiri Highlands in a 1275 acre pristine upland valley preserve and will include a Spa/HealthClinic, Coffee Plantation (organic coffee), BeyondOrganic (TM) zero emissions farm and farm school, community and arts centers, schools, visitors’ housing and available homesites and residences (eventually up to 400 residences with 20 in the first phase). Coffee is considered the “Black Gold” of Panama and the Chiriqui Highlands a renowned coffee growing region. Valley of the Moon Coffee will be an exceptional product and the first in our branded “Valley of the Moon” trademark line.


Sponsoring Members

You now have an opportunity as a sponsor making a donation of $1000, $5,000, $10,000, and $50,000 up to $100,000 or more to assist the Foundation to make this important global dream a reality.

Silver sponsor members ($1,000) will receive one pound of our exceptional quality coffee per month for a year (retail value $24 per pound).

Gold members ($5,000) will receive our exceptional coffee and a three night stay at VOTMEC.

Platinum members ($10,000) will, in addition, also receive a discount for visits to the Clinic/Spa and an opportunity to bid on one of specified homesite perpetual leases within the community.

Diamond Sponsors ($50,000) will receive Gold level benefits and a homesite perpetual lease within the community.

Emerald Sponsors ($100,000) will receive Gold level benefits and one of the limited number of homesite perpetual leases in the first phase, transferable, should you desire, to a first choice site anywhere in the Valley (All donations are tax deductible).

Please contact Ralph Fucetola,, for project overview, concept and pictures as well as questions you might have. Also , over the next two months we will be hosting visits to the site for our sponsor/donors (please put VOTMEC in the subject line).





Magnets and Health – Mine!



As you know,one of the ways we support Natural Solutions Foundation is through products and services in which we believe. BioMagnets are such a product. They are available on our virtual store, .



I thought that you might be interested in a personal experience I had with them recently.



The Valley of the Moon ( ) in Panama is a whole valley, selected after an exhaustive search for the right land, water, vistas, etc. [I cannot resist telling you about the letter which our Advisory Board Chair has written to make participation in the Valley of the Moon Eco Community easy for lots of people: click here ( ) to read that letter, but don’t forget to come back and hear what happened to me!]



During that exhaustive and lengthy land search, we stomped a lot of land, walked a lot of pastures and climbed a lot of mountains. One of those mountains and I did not get along.



I like to think of myself as the EverReady Bunny (TM) – go, go, go, and then go, go, go some more. I was shocked, dismayed and more than a little frightened when I realized that I was having difficulty making the climb on this piece of land and was thinking seriously of going back down to let the rest of the group get to the top to see the vista. But that is not me and so I continued climbing — by the way, the land that we eventually settled on does not have this mountainous character – which is good for us all!

At any rate, I was developing some serious discomfort when one of the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation, Ralph Fucetola, saw my distress and took off the 2 powerful little magnets he was wearing over his sternum (breast bone) and held them out to me. I put them on, green side next to my skin and red side out, held onto my blouse by the other tiny magent in the same orientation.




I canot begin to tell you the relief and the sense of awe and wonder I experienced when the impact of the powerful field took effect moments later!

I know about magnets, use them, reccomend them and offer them for sale on our virtual store, . But when your own body confirms a familiar truth for you, it reminds you of the profound nature of that truth!

That’s what happened for me.




You can find our magnet affiliation site at:



Although it felt a lot like magic, in fact, what happened was pure applied physics: magnets condition fluid; blood is a fluid. Its flow and characteristics were positively impacted by the magnets nearby (its “Zeta Potential”). Afterall, blood moves through the vessels in the upper chest at a tremendous rate and volume: every drop of blood passes the spot where I applied the magnets several times a minute! The powerful magnetic force supports normalized blood flow and the symptoms related to the blood and its flow suddenly – and in my case, it really was sudden – go away.



I continue to wear my little red and green magnets (green to the skin, always) and, if I am foolish enough to forget them, the symptoms can come creeping back.



With time, the intensity of the symptoms has diminished, I am really, really pleased to note.

Of course, not everyone has the same instantaneous results because issues vary and the amount of time necessary to bring about changes will therefore vary. That means that magnets need to be used regularly and over time for best effect.

I do not know of any contraindications to their use, with the possible exception of pregnancy (it is wise to be extra cautious with everything during pregnancy) and electrical or memory devices (like pace makers, insulin pumps, etc.) inmplanted in your body.




On the other hand, since what magnets do biologically is to increase the Zeta Potential of cells, it may be that magnets are just what the (advanced) doctor ordered during pregnancy for both mother and baby.



They certainly could make the back aches of pregnancy go away in a hurry!

Other than that, nothing would keep you from using and probably benefiting from this remarkable technology.

If you want to learn more about this outstanding technology for pain relief or other issues, please check out




I mentioned that the green side goes toward the skin. Placement and polarity are important to make sure the proper energy in being used on the correct location. Once we get the Valley of the Moon up and running, we’ll be holding seminars in Panama for Magentotherpay Certification! If you want to hear more about this, make sure you are signed up for the free, secure and vitally important Health Freedom eLAlerts.



If you are not already on the distribution list, go to and sign up right now. We’ll let you know when and where these seminars will be held.



Detox Your Feet While You Sleep?


You Bet!



You may have noticed that you can find Detox Pads now on our page. That’s because, although they may be unfamiliar to many Westerners, these remarkable wellness tools actualy allow toxins to be drawn out of your body through the soles of your feet- yes, they really work! It’s kind of like a detox foot bath (they work, too!) while you sleep (I have had personal experience with them, too)! We have carefully selected the best pads we could find with the purest detoxing materials.







Natural Solutions Marketplace



As I mentioned in my last blast, “Money Talk”, the Natural Solutions Foundation has a huge job to carry out protecting your freedoms and it can only do that with your support.



When I asked for money to attend Codex, you responded generously and I thank you each and every one. We will continue to ask for your support for our Codex work, our Congressional educational efforts, our Health Freedom Documentary, our pro-health freedom efforts against things like compulsory vaccination, our continuing dissemination of efforts to limit or harm you (Canadian bill C-51 and New York Sate law 10942, for example, or the GMO – Morgellon’s Disease information, for another).



Many of our supporters have contacted us and asked us to let them support us by letting the rest of our list know about products, services and items which they sell or are aware of. Some of these opportunities are multi level sales systems, some are not. All of the products and services are interesting.



We have developed the store for products which are organic or wild-crafted. But there are lots of products and services outside this definition which we want to tell you about, which may benefit you and which will support us.



We are hard at work right now developing a Natural Solutions Marketplace (TM) where you can list your products and services, let other people know about them and support Natural Solutions Foundation at the same time!



If you have already contacted us about your item or service, rest assured that you will hear from us shortly. If you have a product or service and you want to let others in our very large list (and all of the people they forward our emails to), please send an email to with “MARKETPLACE” in the subject line.



If your product is sold through multi-level marketing, because of our wildly over-committed shedules, we ask that you make part of your support for Natural Solutions Foundation running the business for us. We simply do not have the time. Your administrative time will be valued by us as support and as a tax deductible donation at an agreed-upon rate.



Whether the product or service is an MLM or not, you will have to drop ship (send the item to the purchaser or arrange for that shipping) since we do not run a warehouse.


If these conditions make sense to you, by all means, contact us about your product or service and we can make sure that everyone we reach knows about it!





Although the NY legislature’s summer schedule gives us a brief repreive we hear that the draconian bill mandating 78 vaccines by age 18, which passed the Assembly, is being considered by a Senate committee. We at the Natural Solutions Foundation urge everyone who reads this to take two protective steps whether or not you live in NY state.



S tep I – Purchase the extremely informative vaccine exemption ebook prepared by a specialist attorney to find out how you and your family can secure powerful exemptions in virtually any state. To make sure you have the latest information to protect yourself and those you love , Click Here .-



Step 2 – To send a message to every relevent legislator, Click Here .



Remember mandated vaccination for adults is being considered by the CDC… for every person in the country.


Now that we’ve discussed the problems, and the natural solutions…



We are on our way to tell it to Codex.


So wish General Bert and me “Happy Landings”


and look for our next e-blast – from Codex!



Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation





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