The North Side Flyover – Officially Documented, Independently Confirmed
By: Craig Ranke
Citizen Investigation Team
August 4th, 2008

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On September 11th, 2001, while thousands of eyewitnesses in Manhattan and millions of television viewers worldwide were attentively watching the north tower of the World Trade Center burn, one of the most incredible events in history occurred right in front of their eyes: a second low-flying plane appeared, slamming into the south tower and forcing the world to face the horrible reality that the burning north tower was not the result of an accident. The amazing and terrifying footage of this event was replayed so frequently that it is difficult to find a person in the United States, or the world for that matter, who has not viewed it.

In clear contrast, all video footage of the Pentagon attack was quickly confiscated and sequestered by the authorities. To suggest there has not been full disclosure of the evidence surrounding the Pentagon attack is an understatement to be sure as the secrecy and cover-up is pervasive to the point of being arguably criminal. This is particularly the case when one considers the nature of the crime, world wide implications, and clear pretext that it has become regarding the permanent global war on terror.

In light of these circumstances, and countless other dubious details surrounding this attack, the question of what exactly happened at the Pentagon has become one of the most hotly contested mysteries of 9/11.

This lack of disclosure and rampant secrecy has left researchers and citizen investigators with precious few resources from which to obtain evidence as a means to verify or refute the official explanation of what happened in Arlington that day. Because of this fact, eyewitness testimony leaps to the forefront as the primary, and virtually only, means to obtain independent verifiable evidence.

Those who are familiar with Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) know that we have made it our mission to shed light on this event by locating and interviewing eyewitnesses. We refused to take the media reports at face value so we made a point to contact dozens of the previously published witnesses, whose statements had been used to help sell the official story, in order to confirm their accounts first hand. We would confirm their location and physically go there to analyze their actual point of view in relation to the topography and landscape. Naturally if they agreed we would interview them on camera on location when possible or over the phone if necessary.

More importantly we canvassed the neighborhoods to seek out previously unknown witnesses who had not been talked to by the government or used as a part of the media campaign to support the official line. We consider this particular witness set the most important and the only way to obtain purely independent evidence so CIT has dedicated numerous hours to knocking on doors.

Our primary goal has been to establish the true flight path of the Pentagon attack jet as reported by the eyewitnesses. We can then compare this flight path with the relevant “official” data provided by the government, most notably the data released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in 2006, which is allegedly from the flight data recorder (blackbox) of Flight 77, and the alleged radar data provided by the 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron (84 RADES). Both sets of government controlled and provided data hold the officials to their word regarding a definitive flight path of the plane. Since of course this official data essentially (linearly ) lines up with the physical damage starting with the downed light poles there is zero room for error in what they report.

Although we understand the general fallibility of eyewitness accounts, when scrutinized in detail and independently corroborated on a mass level, clear patterns emerge in contrast to all official data, reports, and physical damage. It is now apparent that the true flight path as reported by the eyewitnesses reveals numerous fatal contradictions that prove a complex well-orchestrated military deception.

For the official narrative regarding the events of 9/11 to be entertained as false, one must consider the fact that we are talking about a psychological deception like no other. Naturally the hysteria of the extreme tragedy of that day had the population in a very vulnerable position on a psychological level.

While reviewing the evidence we are about to present in this article, it’s important to understand how the genuine witnesses were of course just as susceptible to psychological manipulation as the rest of the world and this greatly facilitated their vulnerability to deception.

All were aware of the tragedies in New York and therefore aware that the nation was under attack as they had the unfortunate experience of being surprised by a low flying aircraft dozens of feet away from them headed straight for the Pentagon timed perfectly with a massive explosion and fireball.

Taking the extreme trauma of such an experience into account and the general tendency for eyewitnesses to deduce, embellish, or misreport, CIT emphasizes the obvious importance of corroboration when trying to determine accurate information. The more a detail is independently corroborated the more likely it is true. Furthermore the more simple and general the corroborated detail is, the more likely it is to be true.

The core of the evidence CIT has uncovered proving a deliberate psychological deception on 9/11 is based on an extremely simple and highly corroborated detail that at this point is validated to the point of redundancy.

In February of 2006 we released the documentary, The PentaCon (Smoking Gun Version) that included on site interviews we conducted with 4 witnesses who independently corroborate the simple claim that the plane flew past the north side of the former CITGO gas station right in front of the Pentagon seconds before the explosion and fireball.

Mechanic Edward Paik, gas station employee Robert Turcios, and Pentagon police officers Sgt.’s Chadwick Brooks and William Lagasse are all unanimous in their placement of the plane on the north side of the station.

All known researchers, aviation experts, and even detractors to CIT have been unanimous in their agreement that this claim is irreconcilable with all the physical damage, most obviously the downed light poles and curiously turned generator trailer. Furthermore the north side claim is mutually exclusive to the witnesses’ belief that the plane hit the building.

As a result of this evidence exposing an undeniable and fatal contradiction to the official data, reports, and physical evidence, the next logical step was to seek out further validation or refutation of this claim.

Of course locating witnesses who were in a position to have an effective enough vantage point is not an easy accomplishment. This is particularly the case since nobody can have a better vantage point of north or south of the station than the witnesses who were on the station’s property.

Enter the U.S. Government (official documentation).

The Center for Military History (CMH) reportedly conducted over a couple hundred interviews in the weeks and months immediately following the event.

None of these interviews have been openly published but in 2008 a few dozen were released via FOIA with the names redacted.

So in essence this data amounted to nothing but a bunch of anonymous transcripts that have been sequestered, vetted, and provided for solely by the very suspect we are investigating in this crime.

Unless of course we could figure out who the alleged witnesses were, get a hold of them, and confirm their accounts first hand. Only at that point would their witness accounts become independent verifiable evidence.

Enter CIT (independent confirmation).

Of the few dozen transcripts released, only a small handful even claim they witnessed the plane as most were simply part of the recovery efforts or involved with the event in some other way.

We focused on the alleged plane witnesses and paid special attention to those who may have had a vantage point allowing them to distinguish if the plane was north or south of the former CITGO gas station. Of course the interviews were conducted on a human interest rather than investigative level so finding specific details regarding the flight path proved difficult. We were however able to ascertain certain clues in this regard and many pointed to the notion that some witnesses did indeed further corroborate the unanimous north side claim from the witnesses at the gas station.

We quickly determined that the most important of these CMH accounts were from individuals who were at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) located directly north of the gas station right where the witnesses we already spoke with all placed the plane.

We were able to determine the identities of and obtain interviews from 5 of these CMH accounts as well as obtain additional interviews from another 6 witnesses. All but 2 of these 11 new confirmed accounts were able to support the previously established north side evidence giving us 9 more witnesses on top of the initial 4 at the gas station for a total of 13 who all definitively corroborate the north side claim.

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