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Is Iran About To Be Japanized? Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran

August 13, 2008

Interesting how the Beijing games and the Russian invasion of Georgia will be masking whats silently building up as described below:

BULLETIN ITEM: Is Iran About To Be Japanized? Or is it the U.S.?

MWM: Vast naval armadas have been assembled and are now within a few days of stationing themselves off the Middle East. The article below claims they intend to surround Iran and impose a blockade of the shipment of refined oil products to Iran, which would pretty much shut down their transportation and industry. It this a drill? A script for a war game? High stakes bluffsmanship to show the Iran-dians that the Cavalry is serious, by gum? Or a cover and provocation for the instigation of hosilities? Is it all of these things? Stay tuned, we will know much more soon, but consider this in the meantime. One of the little understood facts of the events leading up to the Japanese bombing of Hawaii were decisions made by FDR to stop being “neutral” in the world wars between the imperial powers. FDR issued orders to stop the selling of California oil to Japan, which threatened to undermine the Imperial Japanese war effort. This was ostensibly in retaliation for continue Japanese expansionism in China and SE Asia. With less supply of crude, the reach of the Imperial machines would be restricted, limiting its ability to pursue the British and Dutch colonial areas and reach into the remote parts of China. The axis parties saw this as the last interference they could tolerate from FDR and so Japan decided to seriously wound the ability of the U.S. to reach accross the Pacific (by bombing the ships in Pearl Harbor), which would give them considerable time to drive out the British and secure new supplies of oil. Unfortunately for the Japanese, they did not seriously wound the U.S. and they did not understand the power of mass industrialization to quickly ramp up a serious war machine several times larger than both they and the Germans could imagine. The question before us, is the U.S. about to make the same mistake the Japanese made? The simple reality is that Iran has the greater part of Eurasia to serve as its supporting “hinterland”. China and Russia have most of the goods Iran needs and Iran can run refined black market petro products through the Caspian and Black Sea in exchange for crude. And, if you are forced to be crude, you can refine crude a lot easier than the oil companies do it in their vast refineries. I suspect that this current set of maneovers is a fine example of Zbigniew Brzezinsky’s “Grand Chessboard” thinking, a grand assembly of floating Anglo-American-Jewish & et-tu-French pissants which have not a snowball’s chance in hell of prevailing.

Using mainly the Plato-Aristotle school of classical political dynamic analysis, the following will result from the intimidation and blockage efforts:

a) the non-western Eurasian oligarchies will firm up in opposition to “western” intrusions and economics.
b) Iran will become more resolved than ever to forge relationships through central Asia to strengthen its natural hinterland
c) Neither Russian nor China will be distracted and will deepen their ability to black-market their trade with Iran
d) Iran will undertake more efforts to destablize Afghanistan and Pakistan, not that they need to do much. The inability of Anglo/American forces to practice the real arts of war and conquest (blindly destructive bombings are not warfare, they are extermination programs) are pretty much single-handedly destabilizing the entire region. Iran will exploit the conditions to weaken western intursions and perhaps succeed in helping to drive them out of some areas completely..
e) Iran will become stronger than ever, not weaker – all levels of western interference against Iran directly will fail.
f) the coalition of the western powers (read the Anglo/Yankee/Jewish cabal) will loose ever more credibility and the Grand Alliance of the New World Order dreamed of by intellectual pissants such as Brzezinsky will dissolve ever more rapidly.
g) during the next ten years, no matter WHAT the Grand Alliance Aristrocracy does, even including bombing Iran, these results are the results which will be obtained.
h) if the U.S. undertakes bombing in Iran, the eventual blowback on both Europe and the U.S. will result in the destruction of the EU as constituted and planned. It will also result in the final political disintegation of the U.S., a decade of bitter political conflict, and a fairly radical change in the consitution and the basic organs of government.

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