Slowly I Turned and Step by Step, Inch by Inch, America Falls


There was an old comic routine that the Three Stooges used to do that was called, "Slowly I Turned ." As I look at the world these days that routine comes to mind. A presumably sane person is sent over the edge from hearing a phrase. A ‘presumably’ sane world seems poised for a similar event.

Many people are wondering how it is that the McCain/Palin ticket could be neck and neck with the Obama ticket after eight years of bitter misery and lies at the hands of the worst administration that America has ever known; an administration that wasn’t even legally elected either time. It becomes more absurd when you see that this new ticket agrees the majority of the time with what the former administration did. The former administration is guilty of high crimes and treason. There is more evidence than any court would need to confer the death penalty on these miscreants. Yet… more of the same seems on the way.

It should be no surprise. All the elements of a ‘Perfect Storm’ are at hand. The main culprit for the influence of the mind of the body public is the media which massages the same lying messages into their tiny brains day after day. This media in its entirety is owned by only four corporations. These corporations and their endless money source-cerers control the government and whatever the government ostensibly controls. They control what you see and hear. They are looting the landscape and the economy; enriching the small percentage of the super rich, impoverishing everyone else and systematically curbing individual freedoms to further consolidate their never ending gains and positions of power over the lives ‘beneath’ them.

The tactics and techniques are transparent but few can see them in operation. One of these tactics is to proclaim that the media is liberal and left-wing. That’s a lie. There is no liberal media in the mainstream. Recently Keith Olbermann and ‘some other guy’ who doesn’t really need to be mentioned had their influence publicly downgraded for seemingly showing bias toward some candidate or party. However, Fox News does this 24/7 and nothing is said or done. There is no real difference between Joseph Goebbels and Rupert Murdoch. There’s no real difference between Albert Speer and Karl Rove. There’s no real difference between Bush and any dictator except elements of style or the lack of any.

We were told that Russia attacked Georgia without provocation. That’s a lie and Russia was in the right to act as they did. We are not told that due to America’s secret war on Pakistan that Pakistan has cut off the supply lines to the storm-troopers in Afghanistan. We’re not told that the majority of the ranking politicians in Georgia are Israeli agents or that Georgia is a second home to tens of thousands of Israelis . We are not told about the large presence of Israeli agents in Northern Iraq . We are not told about the circumstances that have occurred since Michael Chertoff and his top lieutenants; almost exclusively dual national Israelis …and we are not told what they mean. America is an occupied country; occupied by a country with a population smaller than most of its states. It’s a fact amply demonstrated over the years and increasingly more ‘in your face’ obvious.

You cannot tell the truth in America without censure and opprobrium. You cannot protest without fear of physical violence and incarceration. Those who rule your land are sucking the assets of your former wealth away to other lands and creating of you a nation in servitude, all while they have taken an oath to defend your constitution and your rights. They are selling your country out from under you and you are cheering them on. You amaze me. "Can I have another, Sir?" Slowly I turned and step by step, inch by inch, America falls.

All across the planet, saber rattling chicken hawks and their agents, strong arm the world. Their reach exceeds their grasp. Their madness is terrifying and their real intentions unknown even to themselves. They will not succeed. This sort of thing never succeeds. Whatever the mathematical or metaphysical reasons for it… it never succeeds. Not even Alexander could pull it off. The tragedy of these periods’ materialism-maddened psychopaths is the carnage that follows in their wake. The real tragedy is the terrible end of the tens of millions who went down with the ship because they could not think for themselves. This is the primary reason that religion has also transformed into a lock-step ritual to include those who are convinced that God is on their side. God is not on your side.

When the world goes out of balance there is a mysterious force which works to correct that imbalance. I will not name this force but one could well imagine that nature plays some part. To the degree that the imbalance continues and the speed with which it proceeds… at the hands of this force it will be forcibly readjusted when it hits the moment for adjustment. Nothing is going to contravene this. You’ve got an ‘appointment in Samarra’.

How did the desire for a better life bring you to such a pass? You sought your better life off of the backs of your fellows. You enslaved the world with imaginary debt to fuel your cost efficient lifestyles. Nothing is what it was, is it? You’ll get your answers and your motivations for this from the people who put you in the shit. You won’t listen to those who sincerely wish to help. You are beyond hearing. The appearance of rational minds in positions of power could soon clarify and resolve most all of your problems but you will choose the demagogues and the lampreys. You will accept that dinner invitation where the main course on the menu is you. You will applaud the speeches and blow kisses to the cannibals as you are led away into the kitchen.

Your love of things and your pursuit of personal comfort at the expense of your ideals, your morality, your integrity and everything that might have protected you, has brought you to this pass. You can certainly blame the Judas Goats and the one’s who set the stage for your grand dénouement but you must surely blame yourself. ‘We the People’ willingly became, "We the Sheep." You’ve followed mirages into the desert. You walked into the prison house under your own power. You removed your amulets of protection and took off your clothes in order to give yourself over for punishment and subjugation. You walked into the darkness without a light.

Now is the time for silly hats and party favors. Now is the time to play the fool while your life is on the line. Now you should vie with one another for some place on the stage of the cosmic Jerry Springer show. Be ingenious. Ask yourself, "How can I humiliate myself to a greater degree in front of a larger audience?" Take your cue from those already on stage and imagine what you could do since there is still some light showing under the limbo bar. Don’t be shy. This is your moment. Think of yourself as a hippopotamus in a bikini doing "I Feel Pretty.", across an endless meadow of astro-turf while the house band beats each other to death with their instruments.

If you’re going to go down then do it in style. Take your family and your friends and your neighbors with you. Embrace the lie and teach your children that it is the truth. Let your eyes glisten with sincerity and love as you send them to their death. Then let the cameras roll in as you tear your clothes and wail at your loss. Give it all you’ve got and you may see yourself on TV. After that you form a charitable organization and go on a speaking tour. Be sure to commit some hate crimes against your property before you go and… hang on to the bikini.

There’s nothing funny about any of this and it’s the truth to a far greater degree than that which fuels your mad, intoxicated state. Now run along and destroy yourself and… on with the show.

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