The price of dissent on global warming

David Bellamy | November 25, 2008

The evidence is now in. The earth has not warmed since 1998. In fact, it’s getting colder by the minute. Here’s an article by David Bellamy who can’t get on BBC anymore since he doubted the official line on GW. Science is never about “consensus” (not that there ever was one in the first place); it’s about discovery and the unbiased approach to evidence, regardless of preconceptions. It’s also about admitting when you were wrong, rather than covering up with slick elisions like “Climate Change”. Anyhow, this has become an embarrassment for the Greens, and it’s high time they came clean. Will they? Or will they and their “consensus scientists” wait until hell (or the earth) literally freezes over?

Here’s the story:


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